what's the difference between ika limbs and armatures?

(Tullisti) #1

several tutorials online talk ablut “IKA limbs”, but in blender, all i see are armatures. is there a difference?


(theeth) #2

IKA limbs were part of the old boning tools for Blendr prior to version 2.2x
Those tuts are not really useful anymore, but the basic principle they teach can still be applied to the new Armature system.


(Tullisti) #3

it’s a pity, as most of the tutorials seem to still use the IKA system.

(IamInnocent) #4

Well, the armatures are a lot better than the former system so there’s no loss there. OTOH, there are more and more tut relating to armatures. You can find them in the sticky post about tutorials in this forum and also at http://bellsouthpwp.net/t/u/tutlinks/ . Enjoy !

(Tullisti) #5

thanks i think i understand now.

still, it seems like a lot of work to animate a charecter. but i guess 90% of the work is setting up the skelleton and the mesh. placing the poses shouldn’t be too hard, that is, IF you set up the skeleton correctly, right?

(SimonK) #6

Spending the time to get the skeleton and mesh to be the best you can do is time well spent. Try the tutes at the blender character animation site (see the forum) as they are really good for hands and feet. (And eyes…)