Whats the difference between scaling and sizing a camera?

I just wondered:

In the editbuttons of a camera, there’s the Size Button. But you can also simply scale a Camera. Is there any difference between these two ways of changing the size of a camera? It does not seem to affect rendering in any way.

I’ve always figured that option was for display purposes, possibly making it simpler to position for rendering.

yes, but both options do not change the rendering in any way.

This tutorial will answer your question and more.

The only difference I can find is this: if you resize the camera using scale, then clear scale will return the camera to the original size. You can also animate the camera scale, but as far as I can tell, there’s absolutely no difference in the render, either in perspective or orthagonal. I’m having a hard time imagining a situation where this would be useful, except, as Coalth says, for selecting or moving the camera in a cluttered 3D window.
Maybe there’s something in kernond’s video tut, but at dial up speeds it was a bit more time than I wanted to spend.