What's the difference: Blender-G.E 2.5 opposite blender-GE 2.4? Problems,advantages?

I think this is a good item to discuss. The changes are great and go fast. We can learn from each others experiences.

greetings, 3DPoiko

Blender 2.5 advantages:
The game engine is two times faster.
Some new useful Python API commands.
Dynamic loading.
Capsule collisions bounds.
Cone twist rigid body joint.
Keyframe is possible for every parameter.
Action blending is working correct.
Text objects for the BGE.
Font Drawing library (blf).
Audaspace library (aud).

And many new features are planed.
Node logic for the BGE (Summer of Code 2011 Dressing Branch, Sven von Brand)
Antialaising (Morguri)
PCF Shadow (Morguri)
Geometrie shader (Morguri)
BGE Python Components (Morguri)
New animations actuator (Morguri)
Addable rigid body joint groups (Moerdn).

Since Blender 2.57 the Blenderplayer has some new bugs.
Some minor bugs in the BGE.
Many old Blender 2.4x scripts did not work (Python 3.x).

no unicode support properties with python code = ASCII only.

Pretty much, HG1 said it right. 2.5’s a faster, more efficient game engine, and the workflow in 2.5’s far better than the flow in 2.49. I would recommend using 2.5 if you’re starting a project out.

EDIT: Monster, what do you mean by ‘No unicode support’? Do you mean no things like newlines in 2.49?

i’m missing the Monster’s SaveLoad Script in 2.5 so i’m stick with 2.49

For multilanguage support I need more than just the ASCII characters. The properties e.g. “Text” allow other characters e.g. ÖÄÜ, the text is shown correctly in-game. But you can’t even read this values from the property :(. That is really annoying.

It is now possible to use other character sets in Python code but not in properties.

chäeMil, one of my next projects is to revise the SaveLoader. I think I will make it compatible with 2.5x ;). Good to here it is used :D.