whats the easiest way to get rid of materials?

I got some materials that I want to get rid of
ie. material.0207.
it has 2 users. so i press the little X and when i press SHIFT+F4 to see the scene contents, under materials it says thet material.007 no has 1 user and it created another one. when i try and delete material.007 again from the mats windows it looks like it deleted, but in the SHIFT+F4 menu it still shows it has 1 user. how can I delete it complete? it has no fake and everytime i makei t a single user another mat gets created.
someone please help. i searched the forum and read the documentation and can’t find a decent answer for this.

I don’t know if I read your question correct, but after you delete the material you need to save the blend-file, close blender, start up blender again and it shall be gone…

I tested it…and it works :slight_smile:

ps. wonder if I need more morning coffee :wink:

did you actually delete the material on objects that used it?

once you do that it should have 0 users, then you just save and reload the file to get rid of the material

you can use the oops window to see what object or mesh is using it

yes i saved and reloaded. i forgot to mention that.
also. the oops window shows that it’s connected to a mesh. when i goto the SHIFT+F4 menu and select that mesh, then Cancel that window, i should be able to delete from my 3dwindow. but no mesh was selected. is there a way I can delete it from the OOPS window that way i can delete the mats?
here’s my .blend file if anyone wants to look at it.
all the mats I want gone are called material.00*


thanks for the help guys. :expressionless:

hehe, rookie mistake! On 2 of your objects, (Mesh and Mesh.005) you have multiple materials. Click through the 5 Mat 1, 5 Mat 2 etc in Materials and delete the Material.000’s you find associated there.

awesome!. it worked. thanks you guys. i must’ve associated multple materials when i cloned the meshes. thanks. now my scene is all nice and tidy.