What's the fastest way to view a sequence of images as a video after rendering?

After rendering an animation as a series of images I want to find the fastest way to just see the animation without worrying about encoding it properly or creating a massive lossless avi or whatever. I dont even necessarily want a video file to be produced, I would like to just play the sequence(less than 500 frames) from RAM. I just want to see what it looks like. Any tips for making this process faster/easier? using any tools, not just Blender

I usually render as openEXR and jpg at the same time and then simply import the jpg sequence into Blenders VSE as a preview. VSE reads jpg very fast. A lot faster than png.

that sounds good, I’ll try that! Didn’t know you could render as two file types :+1:

If you render to openEXR or mulitlayer openEXR there is a little check box in the output render settings called “preview”. If you tick that it will create a jpg besides the openEXR.

If you are rendering another foramat there is no such checkbox. You then have to use an output node in the compositor. With the output node you can render to as many different formats as you want to.

I found a solution that I like. using the export settings suggested by Lumpengnom and something called JPEGView, I found that I can just open one of the preview jpeg and hold the right arrow key and the JPEGView program scrolls through the jpeg sequence fast enough to view the animation well enough. I guess the fps would depend on the resolution and the drive you have the sequence stored on but it’s fast enough on my m2 drive that it is in realtime or maybe a bit faster at 1080p. For just checking that an animation went as planned or whatever this is fine.

Have you tried in the Render menu at the top > View Animation?
I think that’s the fastest.


DJV is the best lightweight solution for image sequences and has full access to exr layers.


I didn’t know about that lol. when rendering as EXR files, Blender struggles to show even a few frames per second and it doesn’t seem to havean option to view the jpeg output instead of EXR. I think this would work perfectly with jpeg.

Yup, this seems to be exactly what I was looking for. plays EXR perfectly, no need to have a JPEG preview anymore. Thank you!

DJV is better than blender’s player, you can set in blender’s preference to replace it


I got “the system cannot find the file specified” when I tried to do that. If it worked that would be perfect. I didn’t realize you could change the animation player and that there were several options. I’ll have to check these other ones out.

Another good players I like are Keyframe MP (very nice for playblast) and MrViewer (great for multilayer EXR, equivalent to RV)

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Hey ! Thanks about Keyframe MP, looks cool ! I give MrViewer a shot once in a while, but on linux it was buggy and the interface is a bit hard to get… I’ll try the latest to see how it goes. It’s a bit more feature complete than DJV but I really like how DJV is improving !

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