Whats the greatest concert you've ever been to?

What’s the best concert you’ve ever been to? For me (until possibly tomorrow night) it was System Of A Down this summer. Got to the front row on the floor for the entire concert! Best thing ever :smiley:
Anybody alse had any cool concerts?

(heheh, I’m posting this cause I’m all psyched up about concerts right now. Nine Inch Nails tomorrow night! YEAH!!! 8) :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :D)

Been to see King’s X three times. Twice at incredibly small venues. Standing right at the edge of the stage only a couple feet from them. It’s great to get to see them really working their craft as opposed to seeing them from hundreds of feet away where it really could be anyone on stage and you’d never know.

Paul McCartney had the most elaborate stage setup I’d been to, but it was basically like watching a concert on TV instead of being at a show. I could see little people on stage, but spent most of my time watching the big screens just to see what was going on. I much prefer the intimate bar scene that you get with a not-so-popular band.

In addition since KX isn’t mainstream popular, the crowd is just a better bunch because you’re all there because you really have something in common. There are fewer ‘just attending to be cool’ people there.

my top5 would be be, in order

1 the mars volta 2006 and 2004
2 tool 2002
3 radiohead 2004
4 sigur ros 2005
5 the teaparty 2004 and 2002

definatley Most Precious Blood
at the shed.

the shed:

literally a concrete building in the CBD. no one knew who owned it, someone just bought along a generator and then it was suddenly a good enough venue to warrant getting an international act all the way to New Zealand to play there.


Got to hang out with rachael too, yessssss 8)
The circle pit was FERAL, it was packed as hell, brutal gang chants.


bodies everywhere, it was f**king insane.

well, i have been to a couple local band concerts at a pizza shop locally. its all punk music, not too bad either (but not all crazy either :slight_smile: )

Best show for me by far was Joe Satriani a few years ago. Best friggin set I have heard period. Plus, the guy played 5 encores. Just insane.

Iron Maiden was a great show too, “Fear of the Dark” tour. Had Sepultura open and COC.

One of my fav shows was a multiple group show. Consisted of Seven Year Bitch, Cypress Hill, and Rage Against the Machine.


Wynton Marsalis Live at the Avalon Theatre in downtown Easton.


Iv’e seen Wierd AL Yankovic twice
Once opening for the Monkees and Once as a Headliner.
Best Band Ever!

I love Weird Al!

They had it on EBay…

UnderOATH, dead poetic, and the chariot at the Emerson!!!

Also Circa Survive.

I missed the best show of all time. The Number 12 Looks Like You was at the Emerson and I missed it… :frowning: stupid drumline practice…

I was at the last Britney Spears concert and it was amazing…it was like wooh

Amazing???.. %| huh, thats weird. Where you there to look at the little boys or for the show?

well me and michael jackson were looking for some cute ten year old boys to pick up and take to neverland at that concert.

I’ve never gone to a concert for them, but they opened up for SOAD when i went to see them… Very cool.

Haha! Awesome. I love that guy :smiley:

no comment…

your just jealous…

I don’t know about the best concert I’ve ever seen, but the last one I saw was Coldplay about a month ago. Great set, kick-ass light/video show. The only negative to it (if you could call it that) was looking around me and noticing I was probably the oldest guy in the auditorium…

Yea, I saw coldplay back a couple of months ago. It wa friggin awsome. Also, has anyone ever heard of umphrey’s magee?

:o wow… NIN was freaking awesome! I would have been better then System of a down, but my friend and I got stuck in crappy side seats which detracted from the awesomeness, cause we got tickets that day %| at least we got in though… if NIN ever comes to you area, don’t miss it! They’ve got the coolest show ever :o

I don’t like NIN much. I used to listen to them way back in the day, but I have slowly lost interest. My style is hardcore, metal core, grind core, sex core…

I am more of a small band person. I want to SEE the guys playing and not little dots from behind some fat guys head.

The best concert was PushMonkey in an old movie theater made into a night club. I had so much fun, me and my friends still talk about it.