What's the most key point when you decide to get a 3d printer

As the title said, what’s the key point when you want to get your first 3d printer? Speed or others?

It depends on your goals. What do you want to print? How large? With what materials? At what quality? What’s your budget? (Questions to ask yourself.)

I’m in the market for a printer myself, but not for one that costs thousands of dollars, so there are definitely many tradeoffs. Speed isn’t among my top priorities. In fact in the price bracket I’m looking at speed usually comes at the cost of quality, and quality matters much more to me.

These things are important to me:

  • quality of print (resolution, etc)
  • ease of adjustment
  • size
  • online support (either company or community)
  • non-proprietary materials

…and dont forget, theres nine types of 3d printing, Ive done two on domestic units, resin/exposure type, and pla through the additive process…


If I am going to purchase my first printer, I think printing quality and printing speed are the most important things. But I find that many printers lose the quality if they go with high speed. So I am going to find a machine which can do high printing speed and high speed at the same time.

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Dear, you are right, I also check many printers will lose the quality if they go with high speed. Any printers can do the both?

As a beginner, I just want a printer which helps me to print some models like one piece or naruto.

reliability is more important than speed. maybe even more important than super high quality.

it’s very annoying if results are a bit random and every second print has to be thrown away.

3d printing is slow no matter what. if you need more speed then you need more printers that print in parallel. :slight_smile:

I bought one mainly to facilitate my personal projects.
I have a Ender 3 pro with a direct drive all metal hotend and a steel bed. I placed it in a styrofoam enclosure.
I do not have experience with the expensive printers, but I would not at all recommend a 3d printer to someone who does not have the patience to deal with it and its limitations. There are a lot of variables that affect everything, whether print quality or speed.
If you have files to print already, you can download Cura and tweak with settings to familiarize yourself with what you can expect, timewise and quality wise.
If your interest is more of sculptures then prototyping, I would highly recommend focusing more on quality then speed. For technical models I often print at high speed a low quality model. it is hard because I want every print to be the finished design, but it takes more time in the long run to do high quality tests.

the key to 3d printers is patience.


I can tell you the key point that I have not got one yet.

I want to print the models with textures…… they will one day. :slightly_smiling_face: