Whats the most quick and clean way to slice a mesh in half?

I mean, especially primitives, which should be easy to slice, having symmetrical geometry and all.

Like a Torus or Ico Sphere (which is bit a weirder though)…

I could eye it and delete the verts by hand, I was just thinking if there is some kind of mechanical way of doing it …

Really trivial, but really important in terms of efficiency.


Boolean operations and modifiers, note that there’s shouldn’t be any opened mesh in order for that to work properly.

Well if your object has strait center line just alt right click the edge > this will select the entire edge loop. Then ctrl + E > edge split > then hold the cursor over one side and hit L > this will select every thing that is connected > then delete.

Ah yeah, still being new to Bl, I kind of still haven’t tried boolean so much, as I know how messy things can be with them… :slight_smile:

Can they really make a clean cut?

Lets see…

Oh wow, fantastic, thanks for the workflow, really useful!