What's the proper way of updating blender 2.8 to keep settings?

From my understanding there is no auto update for the 2.8 beta so what’s the correct to update on every release of the beta?

you have to download the daily update each day to get the latest features
yo can always save the user preferences
and the new version will take the same values !

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As far as settings go, if you don’t do anything special then 2.80 will look in a system global location for its config files so if you have lots of different 2.80 downloads unzipped all over the place on your system then they will all share the same config files and when you get a new 2.80 it should pick up with the same config that you had.

Sometimes it’s nice to keep your configurations separate for each download, and one way is to go into the folder containing the blender executable and in there you’ll find a folder named 2.80, and if you go into that folder and create a new folder there named config then that Blender version will store all its config files locally there and then not conflict in any way with any other installs.

As far as actually updating, Blender 2.80 changes constantly, so downloading the nightly build every few days is usually a good plan. On the more extreme end you can setup a build environment and compile your own Blender immediately after a change you’re interested in is committed, then you don’t even have to wait til the next day to get it!

You can watch the changes go by at:





DL portable (zip) version & simply extract to desktop or wherever.

On 1st run, version number folder is created:
C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender…
where configuration, presets, scripts… reside, which are kept.

Then, when you wanna update, just extract a new one. You can delete or keep previous/older.
Settings are kept on mentioned location (Roaming…)

I’m on a mac. I think replacing the blender.app with the updated one will remove all my settings

Then check the app above, works on all platforms:

Oh nice, thanks!

Doesn’t seem to work on mac os. no build and running python BlenderUpdater.py like it says doesn’t work.