What's the real situation with light linking in 2.8?

Hi everyone! I can’t believe my eyes but my search didn’t bring any results. How do I do light linking in 2.8? In 2.79 it was done through layers. But how can I exclude certain objects from certain light sources in 2.8? I didn’t find any info on blenderartists.org. Though there are a lot of questions concerning this problem. The answers are not clear. Someone says that it’s possible (but how? they don’t tell), someone says it’s impossible. So I can’t find any reliable info. Honestly, I couldn’t imagine I would stuck with this problem (which seemed not a problem at all). If right now there’s no such a light link function in 2.8, how do I solve this problem? I’d be really grateful for any info or tutorials on this.
P.S.Will light linking function be developed in 2.8 in the nearest future?


for example: if you want to make a lamp that is illuminating a Suzane monkey but doesn’t lit the floor below it you do the following:
create 2 collections: Collection1: Monkey and the light, Collection2: floor
create 2 render layers: one: ( collection 1 and 2) and one just collection 2
enable transparent background
go to compositing and marge render layer 1 with render layer 2 with alpha over node

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Thanks for the answer! I would be grateful if you show the screenshot of the network how it looks in the compositing.

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Thank you so much !!!

What you’re looking for is ‘proper’ light linking and overrides, as in Maya, Softimage, Cinema etc.

It’s not there yet, but the developer team apparently has already done some of the work for the next release. So 2.81 or 2.82. No release dates yet for this.
For now it’s the more or less clunky workflow described by Jerzi. It’s not optimal, but it works.


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