What's the right way to render grease pencil animations?

i have a project where i would like to combine cycles rendering with grease pencil animations. so i put the grease pencil stuff in a view layer for compositing it over other stuff. it comes out way too dark though.

it’s the same with eevee. for me they only way grease pencil seems to look right is with viewport rendering. but that’s not so useful.

what am i doing wrong?

why is viewport rendering not good? , i render everything with it. but normal rendering should come out in float so you can lighten it in compositing as much as you want

because it’s way more cumbersome to use it for compositing. hm… i will experiment some more…

render out the layers as different png sequences and it should work … for masks replace shader with rgb white note

And you tried to reposition your light ? (The cube is seeable with the standard light bulb, but grease pencil strokes a (not) lighted from behind this way.

this is weird…

if a start a new project “general”, then all grease pencil objects render way too dark.

if a start a new project “2d animation” then all grease pencil objects look ok.

there are no lights in the scene and the world is set to black in both.

what other setting could make the difference? basically i just would like that grease epencil objects get rendered like with an emission shader.