Whats the right workflow to work with EXR files in Premiere pro?

So I render out my animation as EXR files (filmic color space) . When I check the render in Blender, it looks just like I want it. However, when I start importing the exr’s into Premiere pro (as image sequence)… and import them into a timeline (which is sRGB rec 709)… then it looks different. And I can’t get it to look the same (especially the highlight). So im thinking… It must be because blender works in linear color space and my sequence is in sRGB right?

So im wondering…

  1. do I need a LUT to convert those EXR to sRGB? of so… which one
  2. i assum these EXR are HDR files right? How do you color grade those in Premiere? Cause Im getting the same options in Lumetri as with normal clips? ( i dont see any HDR specific options)

So my quesion is… whats the right workflow to work with EXR in Premiere? So that I still have the benifitis of the filmic/EXR files…but can actually get them to look the same in premiere

Hi, you might find this video just up your street


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Thank you for this @acestu , this was very helpfull!