What's the Shortcut to assign a Pole Target again?

I seem to recall I could simply select the pole target, then the IK constained bone and simply hit a shortcut to make it the poletarget?

I know about Shift+I but I remember being able to select the bone, the IK bone and somehow the pole target through shortcuts. If anyone knows how, let me know, please.

Anyone knows??

The default shortcut is:

To set IK, be in Pose mode, select target bone, [shift] select bone in which IK is applied, then [Shift][I]. This will give you the IK constraint. Set chain length.

In this IK constraint there is slot for Pole Target / bone. I just select both from the list. I don’t know if there is a short cut for that in 2.63.

Thank you, I know about Shift+i.

I want to know how to set up the POLE TARGET by shortcut at the same time. I remember doing it in 2.49b but forgot how. :slight_smile: