What's the skinny these days on Windows Media Player?

As usual, Blender’s “AVI Jpeg” output (e.g. from a Mac) when played on Windows Media Player (XP sp2), displays … the right number of seconds, of absolutely nothing.

:ba: !!

Is there a particular “magic formula” (for Blender 2.49b) that will easily circumvent this problem, if one simply does want to generate an AVI-file that will play on computers that were not fortunate enough to be born Macintosh? :spin:

And… failing that, is there a particular tool that will generate an AVI file that WMF will accept? If so, what are the settings?

It kinda surprises me (well, not really…) that Windows would know that it’s an AVI, and know how long it is … and then, not play it.

As far as I can tell, Blender’s movie output does not work on windows. It does waste your time rendering all those frames, then it either makes AVIs that do not work or Quicktime moves that do not work.

So the skinny is to never use Blender’s output to movie “feature”. Some people have success with FFMPEG output, but that is like 10 year old technology and is not acceptable as a final these days.

Render to an image sequence, then composite in another non-blender program. I use After Effects, but I have also used VirtualDUB (freeware image sequencer on Windows that will make correctly formed AVI files that will run on WMP). He-he wimp. I’m sure there is some freebie app on Mac is you are stuck on OSX.

Oh my word, there are other programs besides Blender! I saw the strangest thing at the grocery store the other day. Some wild idea about bread and it already being sliced. What will they think of next?


and never look a WMP again.
Plays just about anything, incl. flash video (flv… i.e. Youtube), quicktime, and a wide variety of codecs that can use AVI & WMV as container (DIVX, etc)

Not to mention they use Big Buck Bunny to advertise :wink:

Huh? You must only be talking about the Mac version of Blender incorrectly outputting AVIs? Blender 2.49b outputs AVIs just fine on Windows.

Ummm… the “wink!! wink!!” graphic is not nearly big enough. I trust that my comments were understood to be made firmly “tongue in cheek!” :stuck_out_tongue:

Natcherly: I’ve got Windows and Mac and Linux computers and use all of them quite constantly. It’s just a lot more fun to have a jab at Windows now and then. :spin:

Yes, I am particularly talking about Mac’s output of AVIs. Windows produces them just fine (compression artifacts and all … again “wink!”).

Also: Blender 2.49b on Mac produced Quicktime output that works just fine on Windows.

Needless to say, I normally generate outputs to individual files (an “image sequence”) … precisely for the 'you can pick up right where you left off before the power f:ba:." benefit. This was (literally) a five-second long quickie.

I just checked a file I did in avi raw, plays fine with media player, same file done in ffmpeg is 1/4 the size and plays fine. I’m using windows xp.

I bought a dvd drive for my puter, tried to watch a dvd, and media player informed me I needed a dvd decoder, that I had to purchase for $25. There was not one on the install dvd either. VideoLan plays dvd’s just fine, without buying a decoder. VideoLan player is the best player, period!!

However, I can understand wanting your videos to play on media player, everyone who has windows, has media player.


P.S. Perhaps, WMP knows you’ve been unfaithful to it, and it’s punishing you!!!;):wink: