Whats this pane do?


what this function? is this usable for versioning (like draft 1…draft 2… draft 3…)?

That’s the scene selector. A blend file can contain an arbitrary number of scenes. You can link objects and collections between scenes. Yes you can use this for versioning, but I don’t think it would be any more efficient than using file increments.

Now that it seems that output options such as destination filename/directory apparently are no longer variable “per scene,” what’s the best use for scenes in 2.9x workflows?

You could do different stuff. For me personally, I don’t see much use in Scenes.

As for Output, I use Oscurart tools, which allows me to use tokens for output path and filename: Oscurart Tools - (rig, model, render setting & more)

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Yeah … I just wonder why the developers took this very-useful feature out of “Scenes.”

Since you can select a different “active camera,” it should go without saying that you want to send the render-output somewhere else, and that “you don’t want to have to think about it.”

Since my last post here, I actually tried to use Scenes and drumroll found them to be useful… and then took 6 months break from Blender because of a very busy season for photography work… and then had to re-learn a bunch again in Blender lol

Anyhow, the useful part of scenes was mainly revolved around render related settings. Sure, you can use Scenes to include something entirely different, but I’d rather save different files.

I tried a workflow with scenes for this:

If View Layers could have their own render and output related settings, then I wouldn’t have needed to use Scenes.

I still use Oscurart for save paths (along with Blender Project Manager - now called Super Project 'Manager) and haven’t set renderpaths and filenames manually since I started using it. I was used to this from Softimage XSI and always hated having to do it manually in Blender.