What's This Philosophy Called?

You know, people who only use vi, ed, and cat.
People who either use no window manager, or use one like xmonad or dwm for xterm or rxvt only.
People who install vimperator in their only GUI application (maybe besides Blender :p), people who use LaTeX instead of a word processor.

What is this called? Might it be related to the UNIX philosophy, or the Arch Way? The thing with these designations is that they are “branded”. There has to be a name for people like this, doesn’t there?

It would be easier to explain to friends what I am if I knew a term for it, rather than saying “minimalist”, because quite frankly that doesn’t accurately portray me.

Are there others like me here?

People who used latex are called smart.

It doesn’t have anything to do with using only command line tools (there are some great graphical frontend for latex).


Noun - Nixochist
Verb - Nixite
Adj - Nixious
Adv - Nixed


The nixochist nixed nixites the nixious.

Hmm… :wink:


I use a GUI, just a very minimal one with only text. :wink:

You navigate the web with a CLI browser? That would be awesome! I can’t use only CLI myself, but I admire people who can :slight_smile: Also you guys from Arch make awesome and beautiful desktops only with CLI, following the Arch KISS philosophy. I was once a Arch user, and learned a lot with that distro.

they’re called “geeks”.
Or if you can say you’re a person that is gui-less.
So as of today, the new name for such, is Guiless. When people ask where it came from, explain the low GUI. That’s all. Just a guiless guy.

I do, but for various reasons I also have to use Shiretoko (Firefox). Even then though, I installed an addon called Vimperator that gets rid of the GUI and has vi keybindings to browse. Though I am still annoyed by Firefox’s massive memory usage… its just that I like its rendering much better than any other web browser, and it is compatible.

And how do you pronounce that? guiləs? gailəs? dziju’ailəs?

Nice :slight_smile:

About the pronunciation: I never pronounced it verbally too much, but in my mind I always “pronounce”/think: “guy” (GUI), I would pronounce then: “Guyless”.

But I think Geek would define the overall thing much better. Since Geeks (me included), generally, are well known to be passionate about technology and understand it very well, and are able to use both GUI and CLI very well, the difference is that we have different preferences around those interfaces. Maybe that would be a kind of “Class” thing? The GUI Geeks and the GUIless Geeks?

I was once a GUI Geek I suppose. When I first switched to Linux I used Compiz with tons of things enabled on top of GNOME and thought it was super cool. Though eventually, I decided that it was a waste of my time, so I tried wmii, which allowed me to learn the shell better. This ultimately led me to dropping Ubuntu, switching to Arch with XMonad.

I think philosophy is something related with madness and fiction.

Cool. I have a similar philosophy. But I like to use full DEs like GNOME, and basic eye comfort like the basic Compiz compositing. Nothing exaggerated, I love my environments to be very minimalistic, simple, clean, slick and elegant.

Do you post Screenshots of your desks somewhere? Would be cool to see them. Mines you can find on my deviantART profile if you interested, there is a link in my signature.

I’m always experimenting and learning with minimalistic environments like awesome, Openbox, PekWM etc. I’m about to install dwm next : )

Recently I switched from Ubuntu to Fedora, I’ve found Fedora more elegant with more updated and quality packages on it’s repositories. Elegance is a must for me in a DE as you can see hehehe.

There is really no reason for me to post screenshots, as there is nothing to see!
But here is one anyway:

Oh Thanks! For sure you have something to show :slight_smile:

Take a look on these guys…

Cool, those are some good resources to look at.

If I can manage to setup such a minimal system yet still have access to pidgin (or something similar) and still be able to Blend and video edit, I’d set my system up like that in a heartbeat…

I need to learn so much more about the ins and outs of Linux…

The only problem is that many GNOME programs (such as Pidgin) may include lots of unwanted dependencies and daemons that need to be running. You can actually run my window manager (Xmonad) inside of GNOME, with the gnome panels and such, so that would remove that problem if you already use a GNOME system.

As for video editing, unfortunately there aren’t many good video editors for Linux that I have found (Blender seems to be one of the best). Though there is a KDE one that is supposedly pretty good, but I tend to shy away from GTK and especially Qt for obvious reasons.

egan: it’s pronounced “goo-ee-less”
This is due to the fact the GUI is pronounced gooey/goo-ee so hence it is pronounced “goo-ee-less”
(I know it looks like guyless, but no, it is goo-ee-less)

Yeah, you’re probably right. I’ve found some evidence:

Even though guy and guyless sound so more correct in my opinion. Oh well.