what's this?

(gargola) #1

Go here: http://www.eeggs.com/items/719.html

could anybody tell me what is that? and what are they talking about? are there any pics to post them here?

(Timonides) #2

Hello :smiley: !

They are talking about the so called easter eggs. From what I can recall, an easter egg is some kind of hidden functionality inside a program. Something like the cheats that games have. Almost all the well known applications such as Ms Word, Excel, Powerpoint etc have Easter eggs.

Easter eggs don’t do something usefull, I guess they are only funny. It’s a way, programers have found, to make a piece of software more interesting (you know, he he he… try and find all the easter eggs in Ms word).

(gargola) #3

reading the comments i can tell they are talking about something eerie or horrible: “THE HALL OF TORTURED SOULS”… ?? anybody seen what it is?

(acasto) #4

Well, with it being Microsoft, down the hall is probably an unlocked door, for anyone to come in and see what up, then format you hard drive. 8)

(gargola) #5

LOL…he he! right. :smiley:

([email protected]) #6

Here you go, gargola :


pics link at the bottom of the page.


(gargola) #7

and you got to get into all that trouble just to see the pics of those people?
i don’t know but, what is so “horrible” on that? :-?