Whats to learn

Hi guys, Been looking around in the forum an as far as i understand it. Blender does not actually provide everything you would actually need to program a game.

So far i got, Blender. Of course. Learning Python for scripting. But what else? Pretty sure im missing something. read people talking about orgre, bullet. Maya 3D max. Toooootally Lost QQ Any help would be nice :smiley:

Blender’s game engine actually does provide everything you need to make a complete game, you can even sell your game commercially in a secure way if you opt to convert your .blend to a stand-alone executable form using the BPPlayer by C-106 Delta over the default Blenderplayer. (due to the GPL licensing)

Like most other 3D programs and Game Engines, Blender does not have comprehensive tools to create your own game music or seamless textures, those things you will need external programs for, for which there are both free and commercial options.

You lost me after .blend file to a standalone executable…sorry, im totally new…

Blender’s native project format is the .blend file, when you save your project, this is the extension all your projects would have.

Converting it to a standalone executable would be when the .blend file is taken and put into a format where people who play your game do not need to have Blender on their computer.

The default Blenderplayer however makes it very easy for someone who has Blender to extract the .blend file that contains all your work, the BPPlayer prevents that by wrapping the file with many layers of security that makes it extremely difficult to near-impossible to extract.

oooooh okay, thanks. So unless you change it you cant run it without blender

Yeah, you’d need Blender unless you export the game as a runtime, which means make it into an executable (.exe file, which you can run). As Ace already mentioned, Blender is capable of making a full and complete, commercial game. There’s no doubt about it.

Just for clarification:

This is not true. Blender has everything to make a full game except one thing:
The “make-my-game” button ;).

Except sound you can use Blender to create all your game content. No further external application needed. That is much more than you get from other game engines. You still can use other applications (e.g. Gimp, PyDev, Maya). It is you choice :).

I personally wouldn’t recommend using another 3D modeler - that’s just unnecessary, as Blender is a 3D modeler. However, Blender is not natively made for texturing, so while you can do that, you might want to invest in learning GIMP (free). In addition, while Blender does have a text editor for writing code, you probably would want to use an external editor for better, more efficient features (code highlighting, syntax highlighting, etc.). Notepad++ is good, and there’s an auto-completion file for it that works with the BGE’s Python library.