Whats up with my material being distorted?

Odd triangular bits?
I dont think its the model itself, no n-gons and the topology seems fine, normals are fine. Just a material on the model, no texture. But the single polygons occasionally seem to be cut into two triangles. Lighting changes -seem- to fix it, but not quite all over, unless my lighting just sucks.

Thing is a polygon with 4 sides needs still to be rendered in triangles. Your polygon is having trouble to render as it is not planar.

How did I not know that LOL

Alright, so since its not just a perfectly flat surface it’ll need more topology, but with triangles in mind or it’ll happen either way, essentially?

Exactly. You could also use the edge split modifier but it’s up to you.

Tried edge split, not giving me any results unless I’m just using it wrong.

I figured adding more edge loops might help, although even when I do I see small triangles amongst those polygons. I guess thats normal, and I’ll have triangles no matter what due to rendering, just need the topology count to make it appear minimal?

Could you share the file with just the part of the problem? I would like to have a look at it.

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Going solely by the image, looks like the mesh is flat-shaded, instead of smooth-shaded with sharp edges.