whats up with windoze

*** stop: 0x00000085 (0xc0000005,0xED143035,0xECB2865C,0x00000000)

*** sysaudio.sys - address ED143035 base at ED13E000, DateStamp 41107f1a

starting storaging of physical memory
storaging physical memory to drive: 14

the quoted text is my translation

Its not my computer but i am trying to figure a way to fix it but looking for help with the problem.

I think this computer is doing this blue screen every ones in a while

I have too many guesses of what is wrong, can anyone narrow down the problem ?


I hope that helps.

thx that was wrong error number but i did some searchcing on the site.

audio driver must be taken away, bad memory chip like an bad upgrade or different type chips, or virus those are what i am thinking at the moment as the problem

BSOD repair process.

  1. Test harddrive (full extended test) with matching tool (gwscan from Gateway covers quite a few brands.

  2. Test memory (memtest 86+)

  3. If 2 fails replace/reseat memory (and retest)

  4. If 1 fails (errors are beyond test) make image/data recover with boot disk ASAP. and replace drive.

  5. Once memory and HD pass tests run CHKDSK /R on drive. You can do this with either the Windows recovery console (by booting your Windows installation CD) installing the drive as a slave in a second machine or by using an external boot drive.

  6. If still not booting use a registry tool like “registry restore wizard” on the Win UBCD to load an older version of your registry. (Win UBCD also has an easy way to do the CHKDSK /R)

  7. Once booting run SFC /scannow to repair any damaged system files.

This process will resolve 99 percent of BSOD’s and help prevent further issues of this type. (not to mention total data/application loss)

Sorry pappy, your advice is not really solving the problem and consumes a lot of time for nothing… ^^
HDD failures cause not even 1% of the BSoD.
chkdisk can´t repair any driver related BSoD either.
And if you think
“starting storaging of physical memory
storaging physical memory to drive: 14” reffers to a memory problem your totally wrong. Its simply a memory dump of the actual RAM content for later debugging to trace the cause of the BSoD

most common BSoD with sysaudio.sys is related to the VIA audio driver, also the Realtek audio driver
you got several possibilities starting with this:

Uninstall your audio device driver
use a drivercleaner to remove all registry entries and orphane driver files (i think drivercleaner pro should do the trick - freeware)

and then:
Use the WDM drivers for your audio hardware
update to the latest driver for your audio hardware
downgrade to the previous driver for your audio hardware
at last
reinstall directX