Whats ur Presidential election prediction

Not exactly who you like but who you think will win. Please be serious.

I believe spellings go this way: “you”, “your” and “What’s”.


Please add an “I can’t decide” option!

edited for theeth :smiley: . its an old chat habit.

How does a green candidate get on that list when Libertarians have a larger following and/or turnout?

i just put it there so it would be “politcally” correct

cowboy neal!

that is about as serious as I can be, I don’t think there will be a clear winner [at least, not as clear as I would like]

but then again, I am a pessimist, and like to be proven wrong sometimes

To quote Alien vs. Predator movie posters:
Whoever wins . . . we lose.

amen, politicians are politicians.

I heard Florida is already having problems with their voting machines.
You’d think they’d have gotten some new ones 4 years ago…

Paul Martin.

ROFLMFAO!!! That is the funniest thing I’ve heard all day. Thank you for that.

You can have him :).



“A good lawyer can find ambiguity in a ‘No Smoking’ sign”

With 10,000 Democrat lawyers in place and thousands of Republican lawyers also lined up. It would be a miracle if no problems were reported.

Don’t think that I WANT Bush to win, because I sure don’t. But I think it is almost certain that he will.

I think both candidates suck…but I go for Kerry completely … time for bush to go …


This election will be fairly “un-predictable” because there will be a large turnout from voters who have not voted before.

Americans have generally been quite complacent, even indifferent, about national elections. But when you see advertisements like “Vote or DIE!” Yes, it’s that serious. (and it is, by the way…) you know that it’s going to have an effect. And you can’t predict the actions of a voting-block that is not on your radar.

I think that the 18-25 year old set (THIS MEANS YOU, PAL…) really understands, now, that they are “cannon food.” That there is a firmly entrenched power-structure in Washington, comprised of people who possess the wealth and the power to stay out of harm’s way themselves, who are quite blatant that the way to “homeland security” is to pick a fight with Iraq, North Korea, and who-knows who else, all at the same time. And to make sure, literally, that they can buy and sell petroleum using invented dollars at favorable prices. And who’s going to provide the bodies? And how is that army going to be raised? :o … (Oh, c’mon, don’t be naiive. It doesn’t become you…)

I think that this voting-block in particular now realizes that there’s a lot more room on the Washington Mall for a lot more Vietnam Walls, and that one of those walls could easily have their name on it. But to the people who put them there, it meant fat contracts for … bullets, helmets, C-rations, guns, electronics, humvees, uniforms, underwear, game-boys, kevlar … … … Really good business, I assure you. :frowning:

“This is no joke,” and “I’m not joking.” If you read history as much as I do, it’s happened before. We are now in the “phony war” stage which classicly pre-dates a major conflict. In this case it could [literally] be “World War III.”

America is not facing up to the global nature of economics, and to her own extreme vulnerability in that arena now that her factories are shut down. America is also not facing up to the fact that those 377 tons of high explosives are not “missing,” and that those “civilians” watching the American “parade” are well-armed. (Let’s face it: if you are invaded by a well-armed enemy who can blast you to smithereens given your GPS-coordinates, what would you do? Sure, you’d take off your uniform … “Helluva birthmark, Harry” … blend into the crowd, let the enemy crow about “cessation of major hostilities” like the utter fool that he is, and … lurk. Wait for opportunities and badger them like you did to the Russians in Afghanistan for 14 years. Wouldn’t you?)

These voters know, and I think they finally accept, that they will be just-as-uselessly sacrificed for a few men’s ambitions as their forefathers were sacrificed in Vietnam and Korea … the Vietnamese call it “the American invasion” and the Koreans are simply waiting in-stasis to explode again. (World War I+II was called “the interrupted war,” and Korea will prove to be the same.) None of those wars had any sort of “permanent” effect! Except for those whose names are on the Wall.

What does have an effect? Negotiation. Compromise. International co-operation. An honest Dollar. The list goes on. But that is not “good business” for some. War is how fortunes are made, for those who are never in harm’s way… soldier.

I hope that these voters will also bear in mind that government is not something which should be allowed to run un-attended. It’s important to be involved, even in your own City Council meetings. The Internet can tell you everything. (Wanna know what happened in the last City Council meeting in New Orleans? %| http://www.nocitycouncil.com/Agendas/100704.asp. Just for example.)

This oncoming generation of voters is unfortunately going to have a lot of cleaning up to do. I hope they realize that voting is the first step. And that it really is no exaggeration, for them, to say: “Vote, Or Die.” :frowning:

Notice that I don’t say who to vote for. (I didn’t vote for either one of 'em, by the way.) The important thing is, simply, to vote.

well, i cant vote.

but id not vote bush.

i cant vote either. i just wanted to see who people thought is going.

Hmm… a rather limited selection, don’t you think? Only 4 of the 60+ candidates? You should include all 60+ candidates in the poll. :slight_smile:

Here’s a link to a list: http://www.vote-smart.org/election_president_party.php?party_name=All

Also, David Cobb is the Green Party candidate, not Peter Camejo.
Unless something has changed very recently that I haven’t heard about, Peter Camejo is the vice president candidate for Nader.

I’m voting Bush. Draft? Yes its better than from a bottle :stuck_out_tongue: