whats useful/overload

Could any1 give me a list of useful open source programs compatible with blender? There seems to be so many I don’t know which to get :wink:

open source programs that do what?
or are compatible how?

[if you aren’t more specific all open source programs can be listed]

Yep that’s the problem, and wait 4 it
I DONT KNOW :wink:

On an impulse I just got Gimp and Terragen and I don’t even know what they do yet!!!

The Gimp is probably all you need for now.

Most importantly - learn Blender (and 3d modeling generally). That process will let you know what other tools you “need.” :slight_smile:

Once you get into animating, you can get into things like video editing and compositing (and maybe even movement matching).

But, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. :wink:

Yah, “compatible” is a little vague. ‘Needed for creating good blender scenes?’ might help to focus a little.

A good bitmap editor will almost certainly be necessary and I find a good vector map program for adding things like signatures and maybe borders helps a lot too since the text is much easier to manipulate (although GIMP can do that too). Inkscape is the open source vector map app of the moment.