whats with my signature?

I came on elysiun today and all my signature says is removed by admin. since no change of sign. and reply whta happend?

what was it before? weird…

Was it a religious or political quote?
I got a Private message a few weeks ago telling me to remove the Bible verse I had for a signature, because religious or political content was no longer allowed.(or something like that)
I think the Admin. are singling me out though…
I sent a message to several other people who had bible verses for signatures, and they said they hadn’t gotten a message!
What’s going on with that?!:confused:

what did your sig used to be?

I PM:ed you to cut down your signature to 3 lines only and no spaces, and since you didn’t change it or either reply to my PM I took action to replace it with the signature you now have. I guess you need to check your inbox more often. A note…we have change our name to Blenderartists.org not Elysiun anymore.

We can only change what we see and what others tells us, and if others has similar content in their signature, they will in time have to change it.


you realy mean it will never become elYsiun anymore…


ps: see its not in capitals anymore.

I guess not :slight_smile: why do I have to keep telling this? How many times does it need to be mentioned?

alot they’re not used to change