What's with the fonts?

Did I accidentally unblock something on my end, or has the forum changed all its fonts recently? Or am I seeing things?

Because suddenly I don’t like the fonts. They’re uncomfortable to read. I don’t mind the ones in the headers, mostly cause they’re bold, but the main text font just suddenly seems so flimsy and bad.

Hmm, no I didn’t make any changes.

Huh. That’s weird. Has it really always been like this?

It does look a little off yes. Can you inspect the HTML and tell me the ‘computer’ font for the body text? It should be "Open Sans", sans-serif

Also, which browser/os are you using?

Windows 10, Firefox 66.0.3

Should be good, but I don’t recognise the ‘Consolas’ font - it might be that some plugin or browser setting is inserting that. Could you try in an incognito window, and/or in another browser?

Firefox with all my addons disabled (and after restart) on the left.
Chrome, also without addons, on the right.

Very different.

Must be something in your Firefox then. I just verified in FF66/OSX and it looks identical to Chrome here. Also, nobody else has reported this so until I get other reports this points to a local issue.

You’re probably right, though I have no idea what that might be since I disabled the addons. I don’t remember ever messing with any font settings in firefox. Weird.

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Check out these sites. They’re all forums made with Discourse. Noticing anything there?

It’s strange, I also started noticing more difficult to read the text in the forum a couple of days ago. I have even needed to use my glasses more frequently. I also use Firefox, but in Linux.

Nope. These appear fine. They render identically in both Chrome and Firefox. It seems it’s just Blenderartists.

As I can’t reproduce it here I can’t fix it either. If you can pinpoint the cause I’m happy to make the required updates.

Edit: can you guys please all report your OS too?

If I find the cause, I’ll be sure to message you. Thanks for your time.

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Ok, see this old screenshot in the forum:
To compare how the forum currently looks with the real message that appears a bit higher in that thread:

Apparently in the screenshot, the text appears on a background field of a not so dark gray.
Maybe my perception is failing and I’m wrong, I do not know.

Apparently I’m wrong, the screenshot looks similar to what the forum looks like now. It was just a mistake in my perception.

I’m not sure what your links are supposed to show YAFU, but it seems to me we have separate issues. In my case it’s simply that the font appears very low-weight. Nothing to do with colors.

Just trying to find an old screenshot of the forum to see if there have been any changes in the forum. That screenshot of the forum was made on March 11

I think I found the cause of this - can you please check again to see if the fonts are back to normal now?

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Yes, fonts are back to normal now, thanks for looking into it.

Out of curiosity, what was the cause?

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It was caused by some CSS for the new news menu. It contained an unnecessary font definition.