What's with the "Gamma Corrected" in the HEX from Color Picker ?

I noticed that there is a Gamma COrrected in the hex section of the color picker.

Problem with this is if I type a hex code of a color, then the RGB numbers will be different from the numbers it should be (looking at the online rgb convertors) . Basically, in Blender the HEX color will create a different RGB values than same hex color placed in any other software out there.

Is there a way to disable ‘color corrected’ ? it messes my colors up :frowning:

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The answer to this question will involve a long discussion regarding color management. The short version is that with color management enabled (the default behavior… and the one you should be using), Blender uses a linear color space internally. This means that the colors you get from web references (usually RGB values ranging from 0 to 255) will not be accurate if you convert them to the normalized (0.0 to 1.0) values in Blender’s RGB sliders. However, the exception to this is the Hex input. The “Gamma Corrected” text is there to let you know that the hex value you’re inputting is not on a linear scale and therefore should exactly match the colors cited in a web reference.

So, the shorter version is that unless you’ve disabled color management for some reason, the color you get from inputting a hex value should be exactly the same as you’re getting from your web references. If there’s a difference, you should report a bug and include an example .blend file that shows the issue in question.

also old B file use the RGB color value
and the 2.5 Bl use sRBG

if I remermber well sRBG is gamma corrected !

we had to do a script to convert color for this problem

happy bl

What I mean is that the hex code I imput is pasted correct, but then when I switch to RGB tab i see different sRGB numbers than all the convertors online say the numbers converted should be. The color in the wheel (blender) is different from the color that online convertors display for the hex color in cause.

Are the online converters are (usually) not applying any colour correction over the value… most of the colours you see on the internet / programs are all done in sRGB space (which they drop off the s from)… which implies that it has a gamma correction of 1.8 or 2.2 applied to it.

Cycles, works in linear light… which doesnt have any gamma applied to it, then after render time the gamma curve is applied to give the correct value…

TL;DR rgb values will not match from the online converters but they are correct for blenders usage.

Question 1: Do you have color management enabled in Blender (Scene Properties > Color Management > Display Device)?

Assuming the answer is yes and that it’s set to sRGB, if you enter the hex color value in Blender’s color picker, the color swatch should visually match the color swatches on your online reference. However, the normalized RGB values will be totally different numbers.

If that’s not the case, then there’s a bug. Also, it may be easier if you attach a .blend file here that illustrates the problem you’re having (put a material on the default cube with your hex color and link to a website with the color you think it should be).

You’re right. I don’t know what I did wrong. Retested it and seems that hex code brings the same color as in other software. Thanks!