What's with Ubuntu and modems ?

Well, I got myself a ISA hard modem, to be sure that it’s linux compatible, I install Mandrake select the com port and sucessfully connected to the Internet, so I try to figure out how to get the modem working with Ubuntu, after looking for kppp or gppp I find out the Ubuntu have NONE yet Kubuntu comes with KPPP “how stupid” anyways, I download the kppp to see if I can install it, but nothing seems to compile like it does in Mandrake so confuse I search the net for help, I came across this site https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DialupModemHowto?highlight=(modem)
After running pppconfig and learning about pon and poff command, I still can’t get no tone, however I think that ppp is trying to do something cause unlike the other ports It does give me the message “ppp is already off” or something like that.

I know the modem works and I know that it’s a hardware modem, what the hell am I doing wrong and what the hell was Ubuntu was thinking when they say it was for human beings ?

if kubuntu has it, i suspect ubuntu will have it.

i assume you tried the symantec app manager and looked in there?

i think you can download kubuntu, then put the cd in, and using the app manager you can load apps from the kubuntu cd.


I think that the Ubuntu developers -assume- that everybody’s got a highspeed internet connection, because I had similar problems trying to get my external serial modem working and nobody in the Ubuntu forums seemed to be able to help.

Here’s how I finally got it to work: I used pppconfig to setup and configure the modem as per the wiki. Then use “pon” and “poff” to connect.

Forget about kppp, I’ve never been able to get it working 100% (it will connect me, but something’s wrong with the configuration and I’ve never figured it out). Use “Gnome PPP” instead, this works 100% for me.

I’m assuming you internal modem isn’t a “winmodem”. If it is, forget it, it will never work. The best/easiest/cheapest solution is to get a cheap external serial modem (got one on eBay for $10).

I’ve run into this problem every time I set up Ubuntu, so I’ve written my own install guide (on a scap of paper :frowning: ). If you need it, give me a shout and I’ll type it up for you.

Hope you get it working.

Like I said, it’s a hardware modem that is a ISA, I try all that but it won’t dial out. Not in the package deal that’s for sure.

Ok, let me preface by saying “I’m no Linux expert”, but I think I’ve gone through some of the same sort of problems you have.

Couple questions:

Have you tried booting from the Ubuntu live-CD? I find it’s better to try this first, that way if I completely bugger a configuration, I just reboot and everything’s clean again. Once I figure out how to set things up, I do a hard drive install.

Second, why are you compiling KPPP? It should be an executive in the Ubuntu repository, no compiling required.

Third, like I said before: forget KPPP. If you download anything, download Gnome PPP. KPPP might work, but not for me, and Gnome PPP worked flawlessly with both Debian and Ubuntu for me… again, no compiling required.

Fourth, if you can’t run PPPconfig then pon / poff without errors, go no further. Something must be wrong with your ppp configuration. If you google pppconfig, you might find more info on it.

And lastly, what version of Ubuntu are you using? I was never able to get my modem to work with the last version (and I didn’t get much help on the Ubuntu forums). This latest version worked fine. The key (for me at least) was to get the pppconfig settings right then to use Gnome PPP.

I’m running Debian Sid with KDE at the moment, but will be switching to Ubuntu soon. I’m tired of Konqueror constantly crashing on me…

Good luck!

The error message are only display on other com ports, but the one that I set to now don’t show any so I’m guessing that it might be doing something.

I know it works because I try it out with Mandrake, but Mandrake came with kppp so no problem there.

I’m compiling kppp because my distro didn’t came with one, didn’t came with gppp either

I’m using version 5.04

I still don’t understand why you’re compiling anything. I used 4.1 without problems then upgraded to 5.04 and nothing worked, so I switched to Debian Sid (Kanotix). I just tried (2-3 weeks ago) 5.10 and didn’t have any problems (after following the directions I outlined above). Are you -absolutely- sure that Gnome PPP isn’t on the disk? I’m pretty sure it’s there but I could be wrong. And if it isn’t, a pre-compiled exec is in the Ubuntu repository.

“pppconfig” has an option to have it “autodetect” your modem, did you try that? What happened? In your Mandrake install, what com port and other info is set? Did you use the same settings for Ubuntu? Have you tried Ubuntu from a live-cd?

I’m sorry I can’t be of more help. Like I said before, I’m no Linux expert. If you can’t seem to get anywhere, I’d keep on posting on the Ubuntu forum. Hopefully you’ll get an answer sooner or later. Another thought is one of the Debian forums. Ubuntu is a derrivative of Debian, so some of the same info applies to both.

If you get absolutely no-where, I’d try to get a copy of 5.10. Like I said above, I had problems with 5.04, but haven’t had any problems with 5.10.

Good luck!

Well, I order a updated one, hopefully this one is better, still ubuntu