What's wrong with George Bush and people ?

We all know that George Bush makes stupid mistakes when speaking and while spelling words… This is nothing new… But you might think that there’s a line to where OTHER people accept the crap that some ppl speak out.

I mean this is one of the latest bush mistakes :

Freudian Slip?

IS this the ultimate Freudian slip? Bush Insists His Administration Seeking ‘new Ways to Harm Our Country’:

Bush Insists His Administration Seeking ‘new Ways to Harm Our Country’
The Associated Press
Published: Aug 5, 2004

WASHINGTON (AP) - President Bush offered up a new entry for his catalog of “Bushisms” on Thursday, declaring that his administration will “never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people.”

Bush misspoke as he delivered a speech at the signing ceremony for a $417 billion defense spending bill.

“Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we,” Bush said. “They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we.”

No one in Bush’s audience of military brass or Pentagon chiefs reacted

You have to start thinking… Does this man actually UNDERSTAND what he read ??? Does this man actually read the speech before he does it ? He sure as hell should… but more so… How in the world can you actually say that and after having said it … not KNOW what you said…

I am sorry but I just keep on being baffled by things like this … This is the COMPLETE TOP of dummyness I guess…

everything bush does is ok, as long as he doesn’t have sexual relations with other women.


i don’t listen to his speeches anymore, and I won’t until me learns to pronounce big words, arabic words, “nuclear” and “americans” among others.

at least when we has a rhodes scholar as president we could get a good speech one in a while.

“my fellow merkins, i was wrong that all-quidda has nucular weapons.”

George bush may have made mistakes here and there, but he’s still a heavily respected person. Of course that’s the same with Kerry who’s also running, this will likely be a very close race to the white house.

Well kansas…that was my whole point in of posting this thread…

You say that he is a respected person … well then I wonder what the hell kind of person can respect someone like that…

You might find this page interesting:


I didn’t know Bush graduated Yale and Harvard, surely that can’t bode well for the current standard of education. I don’t think people bother so much about intelligence when it comes to leaders. Arnold Swarzenegger isn’t too bright either.

There seems to be a preference for people who stand up for what they believe or have some sort of personality. With Bush being a christian, his strict views on good vs evil seem to sit well with most people, especially parents. His views on promoting abstinence in young people for example.

I personally prefer someone who is objective and open-minded to accept or listen to other peoples’ views. I think for the general public, personality is a key issue. That’s why Clinton was remembered so well. In the uk, it’s the same reason why one of the party leaders was kicked out - nobody cared what he stood for, he just wasn’t interesting.

There’s a couple of TV series in the uk that satirise Bush very well. One is called 2DTV, the other is Dead Ringers. Here are a couple of clips of dead ringers, they will have you http://us.i1.yimg.com/us.yimg.com/i/mesg/emoticons6/24.gif


Here’s one of 2DTV:


I was on a flight when my son was very young. He was pretty restless and the best solution has to stand up and hold him in the galley of the plane. If it didn’t calm him down, the noise wouldn’t bother anyone. There were a couple stewardesses working and another that was off-duty. They were talking about famous people that had been passengers.

Muhammed Ali - kind of sad, he was pretty shaky, but didn’t turn down a single autograph or photo request. A passenger handed him a blue felt pen for signing. By the end of the flight, the ink had bled through many pieces of paper and the seat tray was covered in scribbles.

Farrah Fawcet - The stewardess asked what she would like to drink, no response. After the second time, the assistant said, “Miss Fawcett doesn’t speak to the help.” OK, guess who gets help in an emergency.

Tom Cruise - polite, but didn’t want to be disturbed.

Neil Armstrong - The pilot went up to him and said, “There are only 2 people in this world that I would like to meet before I die. You are one of them. Would you sign an autograph for me.” Mr. Armstrong’s response, “I don’t do autographs”.

Heather Locklear - wow, she really is short, but she was extremely nice. One of the most pleasant passengers on the plane.

Sylvester Stallone - rude, obnoxious. They got a kick out of some nude scene he did before becoming famous – very small.

John Kerry snowboarding. He fell and a report asked him about it. Response: “I DON’T FALL. That %!$#! ran into me.”

John Kerry as a Senator. Someone in Boston saw him outside a restaurant. He was getting out of his car with his wife. “Hey, you can’t park by that fire hydrant”. Kerry’s response, “Do you KNOW who I AM?”.

John Kerry as war protestor. Testifying before Congress, he said he remembered spending Christmas 1968 in Cambodia and hearing the President say there were no troops in Cambodia. That made him question the truthfulness of the war. Well, there is a dispute about whether he was in Cambodia. Some reports are that he was 50miles away and he has made statements about being in a base camp writing letters on Christmas. The part that is ignored is President Nixon made the statement about no troops in Cambodia, but he didn’t even become President until January 1969.

George Bush making a surprise visit to troops at Thanksgiving. There are claims it was just a photo-op, but the response from soldiers actually there was that he didn’t refuse a single photo or autograph and stayed longer than the Secret Service wanted.

George Bush visiting wounded soldiers in a hospital. There were no photographers and no reporters around. The Sergeant Major of the Army witnessed it. The President stood at the foot of a soldier’s bed and saluted him (subordinate to superior, very symbolic for a soldier and a sign of respect). The real proof that President understood what he was doing was when he held the salute until the wounded man was able to return the salute.

Respect is earned in the little things that most people don’t notice, not in sound bites and press conferences. And as far as public speaking goes, I don’t think there is a better speaker in the US Government than Collin Powell.

At least he’s better then Kerry, we don’t want Kerry to win because let’s say he just violates our Christian beliefs.

At least he is… honest.

ROFLMAO :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Have you checked out the links I gave? They’re really funny.

actually i think arnold is one of the smartest people around.

smartness, is not just about multiplication and such. and arnold has my full respect.

bush on the other hand i would shit on, if he were trapped in a porta-potty


At least he’s better then Kerry, we don’t want Kerry to win because let’s say he just violates our Christian beliefs.

Well. I for one hope that kerry kicks bush out of the white house… the sooner the better…

Personally I would like to see whoever wins the elections, to come over here and kick my government and all the M.P.'s out of the Parliament, but for some valid reasons of mine, I don’t think it will ever happen…

That’d be the day though… :expressionless:

Kerry is the scum of the earth. It will be a verry sad day if he is elected.

From what I’ve seen of kerry, he looks a bit dull. I know he got 3 medals in the war and that but he’s not funny like Bush is. I like funny presidents. At least you can make fun of them. Would this joke work with kerry for example:


Like I said, political leaders are not so much in power for their intellect but their personality and public appeal. The people who make the real decisions are behind closed doors.

Bush is like a wacky GUI on an operating system. Kerry is more like a CLI.

You must be a democrat then, aren’t you?

no, he’s a republican :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, I’m only 15, but even I realise how bad bush is. He’s just not intelligent, that’s not his fault. all he knows is what his advisors tell him. I dont think he really understands how bad Ashcroft is, or other members of his administration. Kerry seems like he actually knows what he’s talking about, which is always a plus for someone who is leading your country. And kerry doesn’t use “because we can” as a reason to go to war. Also, bush has lied about finding w.m.d’s in iraq and other false motives for war.
As for “violating christian beliefs”, i guess u have to decide what your “christian beleiefs” are, because i’m christian and i don’t see anything majorly wrong with Kerry’s ideas.

I just think its sad that even a 15 year old can recognize how bad bush and his administration are.
sigh %|

Kerry’s ideas support abortion and gay marriage on the main side, while Bush is againsd them.

abortion and gay marrige are good.


Ok first off RELIGION SHOULD STAY OUT OF POLITICS hasn’t history taught you anything?? the crusades?? not the nicest time trust me. Every single time something religious goes into politics something goes wrong because religion is never the same every religion is diffrent and even people in the same religion can have diffrent beliefs this results in fighting… that is bad. So keep religion the hell out of politics.
Ok that said; bush is a retard and a rich snob. When he joined the reserve airforce he didn’t even have to be there on call he paid them to lie about whether he was their or not. If bush is elected he is going to start another crusade… that is what of course waht he called the war on Iraq. All of the world just wants peace; bush is no better then Sadamm or Hitler or any other leader who’s started wars and caused pain and anguish.
Kerry… I dont know much of him but he was against the war and I like that but I dont like any American politicians they dont seem to think of the greater good just whats right infront of their face and sometimes they even ignore that.

P.S its in the bloody constitution to have freedom so I think gay marriages and abortion is fine. o and guys just to tell you gays guy are just a really big bonus to us straight guys 'cause it means more women for us.