What's wrong with George Bush and people ?

Actually, Kerry is pro-choice. That isn’t for or against abortion, that’s just saying that the people should choose and he doesn’t want to take a stance on it.

Because you’re religious you think gay marriage is bad, but I think not allowing it is discrimination. Actually, I know it’s discrimination. Kerry is against gay marriage too - why didn’t you know that?

Bush is in some misguided eyes a moralist and a born Christian. This man ordered a war - which is obviously an accepted Christian concept. I think it’s in the ten commandments, even. “Thou shalt offend the world and kill people who tried to kill your dad by misleading a nation with twisted facts and religion.” Seriously, what in the hell was Iraq doing to threaten us? They were shooting at our warplanes which were patrolling over their country, and always missing because of their terribly outdated technology. All while North Korea announces its nuclear program and plans to build an ICBM to be aimed at the USA.

Americans are idiots. I’m ashamed to be associated with such an overwhelming population of sheep willing to be spoon fed their beliefs without question. People here are far to willing to believe and not nearly enough willing to question people who tell them they are on a mission from god and etc. People here are far too stupid to defend those ideas they are spoon-fed with any competance at all.

Have you ever thought about how this vehement war on terrorism somehow shifted to a country which wasn’t full of terrorists at all? Have you considered how easily people forgot events that only happened a few months before and suddenly rallied with the president on the battle-cry that it was a fight under god, and that our nation is somehow always supported and justified by god?

Kerry is a guy I don’t support either, because I’m voting for a third party. Yes, contrary to popular belief, it isn’t a choice between these two idiots.

I hope you get un-brainwashed before you can vote, shit like this pisses me off.

LOL as morbid as it sounds I hope Kerry gets elected, dies in office, and Edwards becomes President, haha…

Seriously, Kerry’s only offense is that he won 3 medals… well, guess what medals they were?? PURPLE HEARTS!! That’s right, he stood there like a dumbass with his thumb up his butt and got shot (on three separate occasions, even!).

Anyways, there can be two other choices, IMO…
1: They get the mob to whack all the candidates somehow and make Al Gore president… Why wouldn’t he be a good president? I mean, he single handedly :o invented the internet :stuck_out_tongue: lol
2: They make me dictator 8) … Actually, I don’t like the word “dictator” … Evil Overlord has a better ring to it… check out http://www.eviloverlord.com/lists/overlord.html

Check out :http://factcheck.org/
It is a nonpartisan site that shows how badly BOTH sides mislead the public by tweeking the truth and with total lies.

superx10: check your facts - also bronze and silver stars for bravery


DUDE, we’re talking about leading a damn country, the current mondial power…and you talk about abortion and gay marriage…NOW I get why such dumb people as Bush get elected…

If only you people could understand that Bush don’t have the competence to lead your fucking country correctly…Kerry on the other side seems to know way more than bush about that. Bush only know how to declare war…with false reasons that his “team” give him… He’s like a puppet. He don’t do shit. he listen, and re-say that to the population…WAKE UP…

If you vote for Bush, and a bomb explode on YOUR house…I won’t have a single tears…because you seriously had to get out of this world before you do another major mistake. If there was an attack on your country on 9/11 it was because of leader like G.W. Bush. Look at him attacking all the arabic country just because they might have w.m.d. OR because they are alll terrorist. Irak is almost worst than it was before US troops got in. and I’m sure all of you are thinking: sniff sniff why are they decapitating our soldiers??? WHY? we did nothing! sniff sniff. Not that I want the death of the soldiers, they are just doing their job there…in a way…but I DO understand why the “terrorist” make such acts…

You guys need to open your eyes. If kerry get elected, it won’t modify YOUR way of life. It won’t change YOUR religion. Live with YOUR religion, and let the other who want to get aborted or watever do it. it’s not of your damn business.

…and yes, I’m waiting for your angry reply…it will just prove how blind you truly are…

Yeah I agree with X-Warrior… people need to get their noses out of other people’s private business

Also, I’d rather have my house hit Kerry while he’s snowboarding than have a plane hit my house :wink: (although that’s unlikely, I live in a trailer park lol)


DUDE, we’re talking about leading a damn country, the current mondial power…and you talk about abortion and gay marriage…NOW I get why such dumb people as Bush get elected…[/quote]

There has been a long history of riots and protests by this and has been on national news many times. And no gay marriage is gaining ground, the state of Missouri recently banned it in their constitution by an overwhelming number of votes. Face it, most americans would agree with Bush’s non-war-policies. In fact, his beliefs is the only reason we voted for him, otherwise we wouldn’t vote for anybody. Go ahead, if you hate americans, start a terrorist group and bomb america, we’ll be ready to squish you like Al quida.

You might be mad at this, but this is truth i’m about to tell you about the bill of rights.

I’M COMPLETELY AGAINSD FREEDOM OF SPEECH AND EXPRESSION, full democracy is just tacky, look at america, all the obcenity of people means there’s simply too much freedom. Partial democracy would be a much better option. Call me a communist, call me an activist, i’ve said this in another community I commonly post around and got the same responces, go and hate me in this topic, but please confine it to this topic.

I don’t think he so much hates Americans as he does the American attitude … seriously, we’re not the best thing ever, and people need to get over that.
As the incredibly queer baseball cap says, “Pobody’s nerfect.”

And isn’t telling someone to start a terrorist group and to bomb your own country a form of treason? I’ll bet you didnt know you can still be hanged for treason…

And actually, just because it says" freedom of speech" and such doesn’t mean we have it fully, it’s all in the way you read it. If we truly had all that, we wouldn’t have censorship.

Also the US has what, a literacy rate in the 70’s? (like 79% i think)
Maybe obscene people just don’t know any better.

Nothing backs up an argument like a diversion.

There has been a long history of riots and protests by this and has been on national news many times. And no gay marriage is gaining ground, the state of Missouri recently banned it in their constitution by an overwhelming number of votes. Face it, most americans would agree with Bush’s non-war-policies. In fact, his beliefs is the only reason we voted for him, otherwise we wouldn’t vote for anybody. Go ahead, if you hate americans, start a terrorist group and bomb america, we’ll be ready to squish you like Al quida.

I’m just gonna guess that you heard the first part from your preacher and the second part from your dad.

Bush’s non-war-policies?? Make my reaction an outstanding, “WTF?!?”

The popular vote was for Gore, who was slightly less an idiot than Bush but who wouldn’t have done such a stupid thing as lowering the taxes during an economic crisis + war. You probably think that was a good idea too, because it would stimulate the economy so much, except it didn’t, and now there’s the biggest deficit in history.

13 year olds (or people with like minds) should never argue politics.

As was already said, voting with your religion is the dumbest thing you can do. I’m not a believer. This only partially deals with religion. I refuse to simply believe what I’m told and act on it. You probably believe you’ll always come out a winner, no matter what the odds. You probably believe everything your parents and your preacher tell you (or at least most of it). The sad truth is that your parents don’t automatically deserve respect, nor do they deserve to be automatically considered right in every issue. The same goes for your preacher. They’d all have you believe otherwise, and you’d comply, because you’re a believer.

I think “gullible” is a better word…
There were riots and protests during the civil rights movement too.
If Blacks, Asians and Hispanics all got civil rights, why can’t gay people have similar rights? Or do you just not like anyone that’s not straight, White, and Christian? hell, you might as well bleach your hair blond and put a swastika on your arm, if that’s the case.

Kind of expecting that to come up, the christian faith is procecuted by many people around the world but we go and follow through.
And there’s being a lot of ground in addition to Missouri being taken away from gay marriage rights, I just heard on the news that San franciso’s mayor has been regretting the gay marriage licenses issued there and are now no longer legally married. Plus a poll in the local area was cast about the decision to shun or void gay marriage and it came an overwhelming 80 to 20

kansas_15…exactly what I was saying…

you take everything that I said…and takes all the bits you don’t like and exagerate them or watever.

I never said that I hate americans, I hate their leader and sometimes the “choices” of the americans. Second, I never said I would go bombing people. You misunderstoof everything or you’re simply way too dumb to understand what I meant.

And above all…you didn’t understand a single bit of what I wrote about religion. If you (as the population) elected Bush because of his beliefs in a god that you also believe in…it’s truly stupid. without any offense of course.

It’s just that I find it really stupid to elect someone who’ll lead the whole country (economy, politicl, watever) only because he,s a christian. It’s not like he would just take descisions about religion like the pope would do…he’s leading a damn super power. He need way more than a religion to do that.

You should open your eyes…and like I said live like you want to, and let the other live like they want to. Making gay marriage illegal is plain stupid. Why would you care if 2 gay get married…you would probably never see them…and if you do you might not even see that they are gay and married.

and anyway, I’ll stop here. Because your religion blind you, not that it’s not good. Your religion is good for you… but from my point of view you are blending 2 completly different things in a single one…which is a total mistake…

This will be my last reply to this thread probably…since it’s impossible to argue with blind people

i wholeheartedly agree with you X-Warrior :smiley:
(yeah probably my last post in this thread too… most political arguments dont go anywhere fun :stuck_out_tongue: )

and what the hell is wrong with you, Kansas_15?! no freedom of speech or expression? I’d love to hear you say that after you lived somewhere for a year where they would put you in jail for saying something negative about the government or not saying something “acceptable” in the newspaper… i dont think you really understand what would happen if you were stripped of those freedoms, becasue you take them for granted now. So shut up about what you have no idea about.

We could always make it fun…

“honk if you’re a honky” (<-- related to one of my earlier posts)

I’m not insulting you because you’re a Christian, I’m insulting you because you’re an idiot. I wish I had the ability to forget everything I heard that I didn’t like and focus on one stupid, ludicrous issue to the point that people would want to stop arguing with me… except that it would make me an idiot too.

Recent non-religious example:

Pixar isn’t owned by Disney and they are no longer making films for Disney. Warner Bros or Dreamworks won’t buy Disney out, because Disney isn’t going to go bankrupt with a worldwide entertainment empire that is only lacking in animation. If you knew how much their theme parks, hotels, resorts, cruise boats, TV channels, and the island that they own brought in you would never say that.[/quote]

… and you even manage to throw in the completely unfounded and speculative information that Disney will be bought by Warner Bros. or Dreamworks. Wow.

you know what i think on this issue.

i think PENIS.

seriously its about as crazy as this is. either choice (bush or kerry) is going to have things you disagree with. however when voting one must think “what will be better for the world”

in my country, we have an upsurgence of right wing political parties promoting racism, and other such discrimnations.

to counter this threat i am choosing to vote for a party I DO NOT 100% AGREE WITH. but my vote will hopefully counter a right wing majority in parliment.

normally i would vote for a smaller far left party, but this elections it is going to be closers, so i am needing to comprimise to achieve the best possible result.

bush IMO is the most dangerous person on the face of the earth (and he’s proved it)

Kerry IMO is a bit of a loser. and he hasn’t had a chance to prove it yet.

of the two choices IMO kerry is the safer of them, he is not perfect nor will he ever be, there will never be a political person nor party that you agree with 100% on every issue, unless you run it.

so think about it on EVERY ISSUE they pose, and think which one is more dangerous.

to all the christians, do you not think that abortion (i.e. about 1000 mothers killing an unborn child) is better than someone who has killed 10’s of thousands of children, women, adults, teens…

which is worse?

look at things and judge.

NEVER and i say NEVER look at a single issue like abortion.


I don’t care what anyone says and I don’t care that I’m a minority. Someone is going to have to start voting third party sometime. The lesser of two evils isn’t enough for me when it’s the most powerful nation in the world.

Don’t give me a diatribe on how much Bush needs to leave - he’s not going to win for the simple fact that Americans are superficial and Kerry and Edwards are way way better looking, and more presidential. Michael Moore has also significantly swung the bat in their favor. The polls may or may not reflect it, but that’s what’ll happen.

is the USA having elections this year?

The problem in 'merica is that there is a fundamental flaw in thier system of elections - In an MMP system with only a figurehead Head of state - like NZ, and some European systems, I can vote for the Greens, or and other minority party, and as long as they get more than 5% of the vote, and neither of the major partys gets more than 50% (which is quite unlikely), then the minority partys make or break passage of laws, and hence guide the direction of th country.

Of course, NZ and MMP are not ideal, but it is one of the better methods (in fact, anything without a powerful president or equivilent is better than the american system).

is this directed at me?

i am not necisarily saying vote for the lesser of the two evils, in the US especially it might be more benificial to vote for a third party, as the more power that is removed from the two major ones might help in the long run.

i am not saying who to vote for, but read my words and understand the meaning behind my message, and that is to make the “best possible decision” i don’t know what is valuable to you so i cannot say what that vote will be.

in MY COUNTRY, we have about 10 or more parties in government, i have always voted for a small party that went from 1% to 9% with the help of voters like me.

at the time the lesser of the two evil large parties was in power and was easily going to stay in power. so i felt that voting small would be fine.

in the current situations i will need to vote for the lesser of the two (in my country) in order to keep the worst out.

there are votes of support, these are often cast when the actual outcome is already known or expected.

then there can be Anti-votes which are made to get rid of the party you dislike the most.

there are many strategys to voting. so i suggest you think about the reason you vote for anyone in particular.

i don’t care if its bush, kerry, john, bill, bob, harry, larry, arnold…

as long as you have a good logic behind your voting and a good reason then i feel it is a vote well made.