Whats wrong with my cube's texture ? Colors of next side partly visible.


I am new to blender and I am trying to create a python file importer for a custom model format for using it with blenders texture painting as the original modeling tool does not support direct texture painting on the model.

This simple cube imports fine. I have a material and texture assigned to it.
The uv map looks ok.
When I use the models exported texture.png file with the uv map there seems to be some color issue.

What’s wrong here ?
On almost all sides of the cube the color of the next uv map area is visible at the edges.
What do I have to do fix this ? Blend file is attached.

Any ideas ?

Thank you.


texture-color.blend (506 KB)

You can adjust the texture Image Sampling settings

Rendered view

Thank you, but this seems to only change the output when rendering (F12). Is there some texture/material setting so the cubes colors are displayed correctly on each face(side) without showing up some color from it neighbour faces in texture and/or material display mode?

Maybe I am doing something completely wrong as I am not able to texture the default scene’s cube (all sides a different color)
with a clean result on the seams and beeing able to use it with texture painting.

Maybe someone can upload a blend file with a textured cube for beeing able to texture paint so I can find out what I am doing wrong ?

// edit
Okay, disabling Midmaps in User Preferences sovles my problem in the 3D view.
User Preferences -> system -> OPENGL [ ] Midmaps (deselect)