Whats wrong with my mesh?


I would very much appreciate if someone could have a quick look at the attached images and sample .blend. Having a nightmare trying to figure out why there seem to be strange black artifacts in my mesh when rendering yet they do not appear in solid or wireframe mode. Any help massively appreciated!

ISSUE.blend (6.08 MB)

Black artefacts?
This is what I get from your file (you didn’t pack the world texture, so I had to improvise):

If that’s not what you see, I would guess you are encountering precision issues:
That mesh is 12 x 15 kilometers wide and - what’s worse - hundreds of kilometers off the world origin… Try to make it a bit more civil in size and have it closer to the origin point. That should help!


Thanks for responding, I realized the attached files don’t show the artifacts, the below is the rendered version showing the strange black lines…
It’s off origin as its referenced in real world coordinates so when I updated it with say buildings they all sit together nicely, does distance from origin affect a scene?


From my understanding yes:
AFAIK the precision of the rays degrades the further you get away from the origin point. Don’t ask me about specifics, but it’s something like “the more digits on the left of the decimal point = the less digits available for the right of the decimal point” - or so.

This is why you want to keep
a) your object origins near the object itself and
b) your scene grouped around the origin point.


Moving everything to 0,0 and it rectified the strange gaps! Too used to working with mapping software! Thansk veyr much for the advice. Onwards and upwards…