What's Wrong With My Radiosity File?

(WingedOne) #1

I was working on a radiosity experiment, but when I replace the meshes and free the radio data, for some reason the vertex coloring turns yellow and it won’t show up when rendered.

The file can be found here.


Any ideas?

(sp) #2

I dont know that much on the Technical note, however I d/loaded your file and ran a quick radiosity solution and after replace and release NOTHING! Thats wierd. No worries though, One Of the Guros will fly through in a few minutes and figure it out. :wink: I am curious though I get wierd occurances all the time with the radiosity controls but thats just odd.

(WingedOne) #3

Since this was done on the Pocket PC version of Blender, might that be the source of my problem?

(BgDM) #4

Well, I downloaded the file and the first time I ran the calculation, it came out with nothing. I then reopened the file and noticed that the square boxes on the ceiling, above your emit planes, did not have a material assigned. I do not know if that was the problem, but after assigning a material to them and then re-running the calc., everything came out fine.

Here is your blend file with the radiosity calculated -> http://mysite.iptic.com/bgdm/radtest2.blend

Just press F12 to render and see the magic of radiosity.


(WingedOne) #5

That was probably it. I’ll take a look at it. Thanks for your help.