Whats wrong with my rig?

I looked at this tutorial and did it but it still acts retarded as U can see the right am and leg are perfect but the upper chest left arm and left foot acts all wierd when I move them and I have repainted them several times and deleted the groups then added new one s and redid it but it never changes

what tutorial did you follow , where is the screenshot of your model and armature?

Oh srry it must not uploaded or somthin like that.


human_male.blend (227 KB)

your characters torso and left foot are assigned to the Lefthand vertex group. The shrinking is because the vertices are effected by two groups at once. Blender combines them 50-50 causing the strange movement.

To fix it, just go into edit mode, switch to the Lefthand vertex group, hit the select button, deselect the left hand using B-right click and drag, then hit remove. That should remove the torso and left foot from the vertex group, and fix your rig.