Whats wrong with my textures?

I can make a full texture for my model, but the next time I load it it’s completely messed up, like the one I’m working on now turned all black. I’ve had some turn all pink too.

It’s not the texture. When you see the model turn pink, it means that in textured model mode (where you can see uv mapped models), or in game mode, the model is not receiving any texture information. Make certain that your model is uv mapped, and the materials are set correctly. It’s not corrupting your texture or anything. That’s it’s way of telling you there’s a problem. Pink is easy to see.

Ok, but then why would it turn black?
Nevermind, I stopped it from turning black, but I still don’t know how to fix the pink.

If you move the file, and have not packed the texture, then it won’t show up…you’ll get the pink. Reload the texture from it’s new path and pack it. I sometimes get black in the apricot build instead of pink.

Ok cool thanks.