Whats wrong with people

So today I propose a question, what the F*** is wrong with people. The story starts something like this. We have been doing water color paintings in painting class for 3 weeks now. Our paintings are due this Friday. Well everything was going fine I was almost done with my painting. We keep all of our stuff in drawers they are not really drawers though more just plastic containers that slide in and out of the wall with numbers on them. The other day I noticed one of my paint brushes was missing from my drawer and my palat was gone. I shrugged off the paint brush becuase it was the schools and asked the teacher for another palat. So today I come in everything seems to be fine when I notice a discoloration in the sky of my painting, I tried to paint over it but no luck, then I realized it was a hole. Some stuipid ass poked his pencil tip right through the sky of my painting. I am so pissed off if I ever found out who did that I would beat the crap out of them. What is wrong with people, what does that person gain by doing that. Sorry I never really rant about things that happen in my life but this just really pissed me off.


there is simply no point on keep living anymore.


First off…it’s ‘drawers’ not ‘droors’

Second off - Mean people suck. Nice people swallow. (if you’re lucky :< )

Third off - I grok where you’re coming from. Stupidity should be painful, I agree, but I’ll tell ya this - worrying about it and getting frustrated and upset and pissed off isn’t going to change what happened. Hell, even if you could beat the person into a bloody mass of twitching flesh…it still wouldn’t change what happened. You might feel better because of it (evil grin), but in the long run, you’ll be better off if you realize that it was probably just an accident and that even if they did mean it, you can probably repair it with a small patch of canvas or paper applied carefully to the back of the painting. Either that or you can try to incorporate that fault into the painting somehow…let it be the one flaw in the painting as the rugmakers of persia were rumoured to weave into their carpets to avoid offending the gods

Hope this helps.

And remember - Zen like peace is deadlier by far than towering rage.


Mean people suck. Nice people swallow.

Really? I always thought it was: “Good girls suck, bad girls…” er, nevermind :expressionless:

I spelled drawers droors, wow I must have been really mad lol. Anyway thanks for the advice. I think I am going to repair the paper. I was just caught up in the moment of rage, but I am better now after going for a walk with my dog. If holes continue to pop up in my paintings then I might have to go with the “beat the person into a bloody mass of twitching flesh” choice(just joking).


if you do, do it monty python style ( add liberal amounts of tomato juice :smiley: )

I agree that most people are stupid, and I also agree that stupidity should be painfull. I had more to say, but as usual;, I forgot ( I am under the age for amnesia and all that, but I am still going to see the doctor for my forgetfullness, it’s bad.)

“And remember - Zen like peace is deadlier by far than towering rage.”

Tell that to the Dali Lama as he sat in India while China used Tibetans for nuclear testing. %|

Sometimes people do stuff ‘just to do it’. A spur of the moment thing where they either don’t think about the consequences, or rebel against thinking of consequences. It happens, best thing to do is remind them of the consequences with a good punch in the face. People may gasp at that approach, but I swear it does work every time.

You might wand to beat the crap out of me because I’m a mean person too… but I’m a mean person because I don’t like the same kind of people as you…
the mean kind and the ones u want to beat the crap out…

If I would catch someone who does these kind of things that were done to you I would f**sse* break his arm kick him in the balls…


There is so much rage in this post…

If I would catch someone who does these kind of things that were done to you I would f**sse* break his arm kick him in the balls…

sounds fun

I am an assistant in my school’s computer lab during a class period full of obnoxious high school freshmen. I know how you feel.

While it is often tempting to smack the little morons upside the head, that almost always gives the exact opposite result I was going for.

there is simply no point on keep living anymore.

I agree with you basse, it’s true, what’s the point

then they stab you in the face.

Either way, problem solved.

Basse, you mean you don’t see the point in living anymore? I, particularly, want to see some of your new work :smiley:

As for the topic: That only means that your pic was good.


I do not trust people. That doesn’t incapacitate me but makes me a realist in my ralationships. In other words, why leave your work open to vandalism if it is that important to you?