What's wrong with this mesh?


It looks like the normals are reversed or something, but I can’t seem to fix them. Cany anyone fix/give me an explanation for this?

It could just be me, but my Blender 2.40 says its not a valid blend file.
What blender version do you have?

Have you tried downloading the file to make sure it isn’t corrupt?

Bluey :wink:

try now

The file now works.

Could you be a little more specific as to the problem you are having with your mesh?

Perhaps you could post a render with the problem areas circled?

If I am unable to help, I’m sure this additional info should help others point out the problem.


In edit buttons, either turn on Double Sided or hit Flip Normals with all the verts selected.



looks like you have a lot of poles and not many face loops thats fine for still work but it does make the model hard to edit and slow to render when the subsurf has to be at 3 power.
Turn off subsurf and work on it try to work with quads and keep the poles to a minimum thats what blender likes. when you get it looking good turn on subsurf and tweek.
a pole is a vert with 5 or more edges.
I dont know if I adressed your qustion if not ask again.
try a hemi light thats not on top of the camera subd 2 and setsmoth not auto smoth.