What's wrong with this model?

Hi, i was creating something with blender, but when i added edge split modifier into my object and then i came back to the editing mode blender crashed. And it happens every time when ill try to edit that object…

It only happens in this model, everything else works perfect. And if i get that edge split off blender stops crashing.

I am using blender 2.53 beta

Here is a part of the model as aa attacment so you could try it yourself.


rerrortesti.blend (319 KB)

I didn’t look at the blend file, but the edge split modifier seperates all of the faces. This will approximately quadruple your vert count. I know that when I’m working with a lot of verts in blender, it will crash sometimes if I go in to edit mode.

You may want to report the blend file to the bug reporter (from the help menu)
I get a crash when I go into edit mode with your blend file.
If I deselect the ‘use modifier while in edit mode’ button for your edge-split modifier it doesn’t crash.

Is it a high-poly scene? If you go in to edit mode with the modifier off, delete half of the verticies in the scene, go back to bject mode, turn it back on then go back into edit mode, does it still crash?

Not high poly, mirrored and a subsurf at level 1, no double vertices. There are crease values set but deleting makes no difference.
If the subsurf is switched off in the realtime mode it doesn’t crash
If the subsurf is on but the edge split is moved above it it doesn’t crash
If the subsurf is on but the edge split modifer ‘use while in edit mode’ is off it doesn’t crash

I have the same results as Richard, without the edgesplit it’s fine, with the edgesplit it crashes. I agree with Richard, report it as a bug.

Asano, with the modifiers, it’s 1810 vertices…


Interesting. Thanks for the screenshot Richard. What happens if you open it up with 2.49b?

No problem in 2.49b

So in short, it crashes whit it tries to edge-split a subsurfed mesh. Which is not a problem in 2.49b. Sounds like a bug to me. Good call Richard.

EDIT: I wish I had blender in front of me right now. If you open a new scene with just a cube in it, then subsurf it and add the edge split after that, does it crash?

Blender 2.53beta
Add a cube.
Add a subsurf, then add an edge split, go into edit mode, works ok.
Add a mirror modifier below edge split, works ok, move the mirror above edge split, works ok, move the mirror above subsurf, crash. This is the order that was in the original blend.
1st - Mirror
2nd - Subsurf
3rd - Edge Split

So i must report this to that bug tracker? I will add the link to this topic in the tracker also.

Possibly it is already fixed in svn, unless it is OS specific. The file works just fine here with -r 31218 built on 64 bit linux.

i am little bit lost of using that bug tracker… There was a video that show’d how to make bug report, but in blender 2.5 there is not that kind of “system info” place which is in that video…

You could just include your hardware specification and operating system instead.