What's Wrong with this thing!

Hey Everyone,

Im am working on this robe for a ghost, and Im not sure how to get it to work with animating. I rigged the thing totally up and it wouldnt work so I started over. For example, if you open the file I attached youll see that when you turn the head, its all messed up. This is for a Game so I wasnt sure where to post it. But any help would be great.

EDIT: I just check the file. You need to select the bones in Pose made and press Alt+R and Alt+G to make it back to normal! Why is that happening too!!!


Spark Phantom.blend (470 KB)

OK, the alt-r/alt-g thing is easy, it’s because you have actions assigned to the armature. Open up the action editor, and delete all keyframes, and the armature will return to it’s rest position., arms at it’s side, head in right position. Or, after alt-r/alt-g, you could I-key -> rot/loc to set new rot/loc keys.

Now, if I understand you, you want the robe to move with the body & armature? Well, when you set the armature to rest position, it has it’s arms down at it’s sides, while the robe has it’s arms in a T-pose. For it to work, the two have to match. Either change the rest pose so it’s in a T-pose, or remodel the robe so it’s arms are down at it’s sides. Either way, remove the armature modifier from the robe first, make your changes, the parent the mesh back to the armature, or use armature modifier, however you did it the first time.

Hope this helps,

Yah after posting this, I messed around with it, I also took out all the animations since they were not for this character. Now, with the new one, I rigged the one arm, but looks what happens to his cloak. If you move it, some other vertexes come out. And they’re not assigned to it. Also, if it possible to make the cloak not look all funky when you move it .Like the Vertexes come out all over the place and it looks odd. Is that what Weight Painting is for?

Edit:Fixed the .blend. Now its the right one. Srry bout that.


Spark Phantom.blend (462 KB)

If I’m not mistaken, that’s the same .blend… the pose is still there and nothing has changed about the cloak… please double check.

Yes, weight painting is applying a mesh to bones of an armature… see here:


Oops, I made 2 of the same file. That one, and one that I put in my game folder. As soon as my little bro lets me back on my PC Ill update this post and remove the old one. Thanks for the link!

NVMI updated the other one. So the 2nd Blend is the right one.

To be honest, I don’t know what the best route to fix this would be. 1st, yes when you raise the right arm, a stray vertice of the cloak follows along. To fix that, in weight paint mode, move the upperarm bone, select subtract from the weight paint menu, and paint around that vertice. That clears the weight paint and fixes it.

Now, the deformation of the cloak, yea, it’s not pretty. Lego minifig’s arms don’t rotate upwards, so they can stand with their arms straight out at the sides, do they?? I see the right side that you fixed up, and on the cloak’s arm, part of it is like inside the body of the cloak. Did you just rotate part of the arm mesh to fix it?? That’s what is complicating things a bit. The fact that the cloak mesh appears to have an inside and an outside to it isn’t making life any easier. Why does the mesh have an inside?

2 ideas come to mind. First, redo the cloak so that the inner arm and side of the chest are joined, and model the arm so it’s down at the side. Then weight paint the outside of the arm of the cloak, so only it moves with the arm. See attached pic. In this way, the inside of the arms would be attached to the sides of the cloak.

Or you could redo the minifig as in the second attached pic. Then add the cloak as you have it modeled. The cloak will never be removed, right? So it won’t really matter what the shoulder of minifig looks like will it? It will always be covered with the cloak. Since the cloak it double sided, I would think this the easiest method. BTW, why is the cloak double sided? That’s extra polygons, and I thought for games the goal was fewest polygons the better…



Yah the double sided thing Im gonna take out. Mainly I wanted it too look like it wasnt a paper coat. But it made the polys fly. In the game Im making, the minifigs have WAY more movement than real ones. As in they’ll be able to twist their body, they have knees, etc. So Im not really sticking to the “LEGO” principals. Since Im busy now, I cant fix it, but leter I will remove the 2 sided thing and fix all that you said and try to do a bit more and repost it to see what you think. Also, would Ambient Occlusion be able to help with making it look more realistic (the cloak, that is) Anyway. Thanks SO much!

EDIT: Ok, I think this is about as good as its gonna get. Also, how to you thing the Poly for the lego man is? I re-did the original body because the first one had like 2,000 in the body. So there was 100 of the lego people in the same relative area, would it lag pretty bad?


Spark Phantom.blend (348 KB)