Whats wrong with this version

I have 2 computers and they both have Blender 2.34 on it.
Computer 1 shows a lot more options in the helpfunction then the other computer.
What can be the problem
Please Help


perhaps one has python installed and the other doesn’t

[I don’t know really]

I have the same problem (at least it seems to me…).

The menuitem Websites, under the Help menu, shows a blank rectangle extending up to upper-left of the screen; the same happens with the Scripts menuitem under the Mesh menu, while editing a mesh.

Is it related? Any help?

Note: linux 2.4.26 or 2.6.5, python 2.3.3, blender 2.34 compiled from sources.


UPDATE: I’ve just noticed the Scripts menu when you’re running a script and I’ve noticed that all scripts other then the Import and Export ones where under the Misc submenu, but inside the scripts themselves it was indicated the correct Group, so maybe the Bpymenus file was still version 2.33, delete it, rerun blender, presto!

Now the Help menu is full of new voices (like hotkeys) and all the scripts are under the right submenu.

Was this the issue? Hope it helps.


Thanks for all you sugestions.
Both computers had Python installed etc.
The thing that helped for me was to install version 2.33 and then 2.34.



Got the same problem, can anyone give some more info tho?
What do I do?



As rastavect mentioned, try deleting your bpymenus file. I think it should be inside your .blender folder somewhere.

i have bpy_menus.c and bpy_menus.h in my blender/source/blender/python dir…
and in my homdir/build/source/blender/python

so which file do i delete?

some more details would really help here…

Thanks for answering though!


The file you need to delete is not in the source tree. It is in your .blender folder.


For some reason I don’t have a .blender folder…
I downloaded the source to my home dir and unpacked it into /blender, and compiled it there. That gave me the binary which I call right from that dir. Are you talking about that directory?
And on another note, how do I move blender to my usr/local/bin folder? Can I just copy the binary?

Thanks for your help!!