What's your advice on studying & Fighting procrastination?

your welcome dyf :slight_smile: , thanks for the comments everyone!

Thanks Orinoco for that chart idea!

  • I just graphed one for each one of my classes (tests and major homework assignments) - it makes it really easy to prioritize / see exactly where you are/ how much more you have to do :smiley: I’ve got the steps for doing the project vs. Time (eg: days ) - and then I list the due date at the end, and the final step on the top

I’m going to keep on working on this…

If I knew you were going to write out a paper I would have worded my soon-to be-famous quote better. =P

Same here… But my 'rents are still after my life to get me to study. It’s also very frustrating when your friends don’t believe you. Ah well…