What's your big project right now?

What is the main thing(s) you are working on with blender. What’s on the top list of projects to work on? For me:

  • The Eon challenge at CGsociety (still in the sketch stage).
  • A 3d realistic modelling of Kate Beckinsale (modelling the head, it’s going well).

How about you, what’s your big project?

I’m working on something for the Halloween contest at Renderosity, 'cause I’m lusting after some of those prizes. :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t really expect to win anything, but it’s fun to try. :slight_smile:

lolz im working on blenderheads.com (not alone of course) and then working on making a 2d image come to life

Wait, isn’t this what the “works in progress” forum is for?

I’m using, um… let’s see… six different programs to work on my current project, Blender being just one of them, so it might not be appropriate for WIP. :o

animation short, combining 2d and 3d.
it’s going badly.


No. The WIP forum is for actually showing people your work, I’m just asking what people are working on the most right now.

I’m working on… basic characters and concept sketches for a short… workin’ on it with Spiffyandy… still looking for people who could help out

Right now I’m modeling a hi-poly Stargate and gateroom.

Constantly churning out stuff for the big brands - doing the modeling with Blender. Can’t show any of them though (doh!) due to the NDA restrictions, but it’s the biggest projects of my life. Lot’s of work…work work work…but fun.

It’s going to burn me out eventually…but what the he… you live only once (I think)…

Not working on much imagewise, but I do have some games made with Blender i’m currently working on.

My second short 3D-animation, using only old models. Few days work I think… I hope.

i am working on an animated short called the kyra project, i am currently in the concept/r&d portion.

I’m working on a game

A walkcycle.

A commercial stair visualisation for new method. (yay finally a paying project)
A nine minute sifi short (all cgi, still in pre-vis, still looking for artists.)
Python scripting, (Bar-Graph-O-Matic right now, just a learning project)

-cool thread…

Congratulations! :smiley:

-my Car XT project, should be finished by next week if I have time
-EON challenge is waiting for me

Animations right now, the biggest one being “Beautiful Music,” for which I had a WIP post but haven’t had time to update the thread.

There’s also another couple of animated episodes in the works from my “Wouldcut Chronicles.”

Several truly massive blends on the way too, one or two maybe a little more in concept than poly, but hey it’s all good…


awesome. Any idea what your project will be? I’m planning on entering a render of axis city into the Illustrations section. It’s gonna be crazy.