What's your BIG project?

Have you got a BIG project you’re working on in Blender? A game? A short? A webcomic?
How big is big? One level? Two minutes of animation? 300 panels?
Does it have a site?
And most importantly … what’s the name? :wink:

As you can tell from my modest sig 8) , my project is Grinnie Mission. The cutscenes are being done in Blender, and I haven’t decided whether to use OGRE, CrystalSpace or Blender for the game yet.

Grinnie Mission is a cel-shaded shooter, with Serious Sam style enemy overload. My script is currently ~5000 words long, and is 2/5ths finished. I’m estimating 45 min of cutscenes, and about 2 hours of gameplay (with co-op mode). I’m thinking of styling it after Metroid Prime - the better you do, the more cool stuff you unlock - including additional bonus shorts (which will be much lighter in tone than the main story - “I eat grease”), as well as an art gallery.

The site isn’t up yet, as there really isn’t much to display until I finish my script, and my “Made With Blender” and “Warblade Software - Logo Battle” shorts. I’ll post something when those are done. (The “Made With Blender” one will be free for anyone’s use - I’ll post the .blend and an avi)

I’m either a visionary or clinically insane. What do you think? Post your thoughts and projects. (I’d be interested to hear from the FWD/REV guy - yours looks interesting. Mebbe COG too.)

I’m working on a few projects…

I did some animations of an hourglass for an AGS game.

I’m working on a 3d game (tentatively) called “Luna” making models and possibly game programming. As of now I’m only giving minor suggestions on plot, script, story, and etc. and my main task is to create character and room art. I’m also expecting to do some animated cutscenes outside of whatever game engine we choose for this game. Blender’s game engine is a possibility but the current limitations worry us - it’d be a gamble to try to guess if the features we really want will be implemented within a year or two. Right now we’re seeking programmers to improve Blender’s system or people experienced in Torque or another relatively cheap quality engine. Some people might wonder why I would do all of the art for a game that isn’t even my own… well, to be frank, making a good complete game is a ton of work and it’s a long shot to complete one by myself. The leader and creator of this project has already made one awesome AGS game called “Beyond Reality” and I feel proud that she’d let me work on a team with her. The storyline and the plot are more important in a game than realistic technically challenging graphics, and I aim to help prove that with my mediocre game models, haha. Well, that, and she draws the concept art which makes things easier on my imagination.

My personal project right now is a photorealistic female. I posted a WIP of it a long time ago but realized it was hardly something I needed to subject myself to… most of the WIP replies are either way obvious or exaggerating the worth of a piece. Once I get far enough into it I’ll start posting renders of it again to find problems that I would miss. It’s getting there, slowly but surely. What I’m really waiting for is SSS so it’ll get further into the realist territory.

I’m only working on one project, but its a doozy. Started off as a short, not sure what I would call my plans for it now. Loosely, its going to be a 5-15min anim set in a futuristic, sci-fi version of earth. It is about war and rebellion (with a twist :wink: ), but the violence isn’t glorified (I don’t think so anyways). However, at this point my ideas may have well outstripped my ability to carry them out. Right now it seems more like selected scenes from a full length movie as opposed to a short. I’m even thinking to get some actors from my school to do voices.

Right now its in its early stages of development. The story is still mostly in my head but a hardcopy script is being written. I’m trying to a little more organized with this than with my previous stuff so everything starts off as a concept sketch before going to blender. I have a couple wip threads (buried I think right now) with some of the work that I’ve done. I’m in the concept/modelling stage right now. Basically for the things that aren’t story dependent and that I KNOW will be in for sure (as the script isn’t completed yet). I’ve laid off on the 3d work now to work on the script.

This is a personal project and as of right now I’m working alone. I am not underestimating the effort required for this as my projected finish date is years off at best (I’m a student preparing to go to college so my free time once schools starts is going to plummet).

Oh right, the project name :slight_smile: . The working title right now is “A New Age” but that sounds sort of lame. I have all of at least 3 years though so I’m not concerned about that yet. I am going to eventually build a cg city for the second half of the movie/short. This isn’t going to be any smatteric of image mapped cubes and rectangles either. I’m probably going to have 8-12 basic types of buildings and texture variations from each to form the bulk of the city. low poly models too for those really far from he camera. In addition are the central buildings and interiors where the action will take place. Plus the surrounding fields, mountains. tanks, dropships, carriers, interceptors, bombers, robots, human characters, military lab, rebel base…damn this is going to take forever :stuck_out_tongue: . Then I can start animating :smiley: .

I’m sure you don’t need to hear me yak along about this but its really become something of an obsession. I’m just so greatful to blender and the people behind it for making all this possible though. I can’t describe how great it is to finally be able to create all my fantasies and dreams. I’m sure most know what I’m talking about when I say that.

People might say i’ve bitten off more than I can chew, bit I Will finish this, no matter how many years it takes. It wasn’t a spur of the moment idea, but a pent up desire ever since I was about 5-6. Finally, I have a way to express myself and I’m definitely not letting this go.

watches as everyone else blinks and walks away slowly

shbaz, love the style. It looks kinda like a Jhonen Vasquez character from “I Feel Sick”.

Forgot to mention I’ll be using WorldBuilder 2.5 to make the massive landscapes involved in the outdoor scenes.

Models Involved:
One high-res cyborg centaur
One high-res asian katar assassin
One high-res faerie magic hot chick
One high-res spaceship
Four high-res “Grinnie” characters
200 med-res “Grinnie” workers
One high-res factory interior
One high-res forest floor
One high-res dungeon interior
One high-res matrixstyle computer bank
… and more … all to be done by hand …

O_O That’ll take a long time. Personally, I don’t have any major projects. A not to ya: try using CS; I think it’ syour best choice, you should try their demos!

My Witch character, of course.

Might end up being an animation when slikdigit and I combine our 2 WIP’s in the end. But slikdigit will be doing all the nimating, cause I don’t know crap about it.


:slight_smile: I’ve got a few projects - finishing sound on a 70 second animation test for one of them (title of the big project: minitru, title of the test: minitru animation test #1) this follows the rule of the bigger the project the smaller the title- minitru is an epic animation of about 5 minutes (as far as the current state of the script) I’m going to try to shorten this via a script re-write.
and there are a few half finished models, untextured models, un rigged textured models, etc. that I could push to completion, and of course animate.
First among these is of course the demon-pet that will hopefully go into a scene with BgDM’s witch.
Which means I should quit dilly-dallying and get back to work ! :wink:

I’m just an idiot and working on 3 animations for fun. (cough). Only 3. (choke) Okay, 4 but the last one doesn’t count dispite the fact it will probably be finished first.

The first is the ‘big project’ a bloated (can we say ‘whore’ here? how about ‘boat’ instead) of a project, about 15 min. long that will problably either 1) not get finished or 2) will be finished exactly 1 minute before the Earth explodes and/or implodes. The other 2 animations are only about 5 min. each and easily do-able before the sun evolves into a thinking lifeform that realizes it’s on fire and takes out the solor system trying to extinguish itself (sometimes I really hate evolution). So, 2 outta 3 where I can only be sued for 1 animation out of 2 ain’t that bad.

Crystal Space is IMO the best free engine out there, except I have no idea how to make it work for me. It seems like I’ll need to learn to program, because I couldn’t find any GUI editor when I downloaded it.

Thanks for the comment on my model, btw. The model is mine but the concept is from the Producer - she has a killer imagination. It was largely inspired by Psychonauts.

I’m running out of time because of school but in free time I’ working on this never ending translation of blender in french… doh! And the python stuff i’m going to show at the Canadian blender conference. I have both a lot of work to do so. i’m not so mush using blender for artistic purpose. But i’m beta testing it to the limit. i got some old running project here and there but I don’t have the motivation to finish it now.

My biggest project thus far in Blender is learning how to model properly %|
But ultimately I’ve got a fairly large and sophisticated Python script(s) in the works and maybe a few animations. Nothing more to elaborate thus far, but what you others are doing sounds great. Would like to hear how they all eventually turn out :slight_smile:

I’m currently laying out storyboards and creating meshes for a 3 1/2 minute video. “Somewhere I Belong” from Linkin Park will be the background music.



Ooooh… I have one :stuck_out_tongue:
I do actually work on it from time to time, it’ll be finished in some bazillion years or so :D. It’s called “the Boost”, a 3-5 min action short. I’ve got storyboards and everything. I’ve considered organising and starting a group project on this, but it’s really one of those things I have to finish on my own.

Heh, good thread:)

I currently work on two adventure game projects- one i s commercial and it is my job to work on it, second one will be probably freeware and I am doing it just for fun and learn.

That commercial game is Ron Loo and you´ll find its site here: http://ronloo.peregrius.cz and it´s trailer here http://peregrius.cz/ukazky2/fest/ronloo_blender.zip (43MB)

But Ron Loo isn´t Blender only project as characters and their animations are being done in Cinema4D by another guy.

Second project is not officially anounced yet but it´s art and animations it will be 100% blender only. I do it with some more people and it will run on Wintermute engine which is freeware too. No officical site launched yet, but you can see some WIPs here:

and character WIP(animation):

my big project is creating my own race called “Third Wave” ( http://www.silentthunder.de/files/3w.txt ;not finished yet) which is inspired by Aliens.

my first goal is to set up my own website with it including the already finished alien queen ( http://www.silentthunder.de ) as their infantry unit ( http://www.silentthunder.de/files/decs.txt ;quite finished).

other things is the redesign for the race itself which will more or less look like this:

i’ve already started with the redesign which will hopefully be finished till the end of my holiday. the redesign will include endo/exoskeleton, sinews, muscles, skin and much more.

this is a in-blender view of the arm:

another thing are the larger units. a mech like ground unit is finished to 90% and the concept of an aerospace fighter is done as well:

the last thing to do is a large high detailed battleship for them.

after all this is finished and i gather enough information around it i gonna set up the homepage.

My big project… been working on it part-time for almost a year now: “Fulcrum”. It’s a five-minute beast of an animation featuring imps, huge creatures of rock or ice, sticks of dynamite with wings, and my literal and metaphorical “monkey in the middle”, Archimedes. I have a site for the project, but I haven’t updated that in a few months. For anyone who was at SIGGRAPH, I showed a little bit of my models and test animations for this project in the artist’s showcase. I’m looking forward to harkyman’s progress with BlenderPeople and am (hopefully) working with stiv on some automation for my dynaflites. If all goes well, maybe I’ll have this bad-boy done by next year!

well being im only in my second week in blender… my project isent exactly as global ins cale as everyone elses as im still learning moddeling… but its my rendering of the mobile tank from the old classic Blaster Master.


Im using this beast to learn all i can about blender… when the moddeling is totally completed… ill use it to learn armatures… from there ill be able to use this vehicle to learn animation… particle effects for firing the weapons… and when i get to it… rendering it into some for of simple game.

So i suppose it is my big project as i have so much planned for the thing.

zdk1, just thought of something… did you post that “OMFG IT’S SO BIG AND DETAILED” gigantic battleship in the finished projects section early this year? (I think you were debating whether to do a series of stills or an animation)

slikdigit - so Star Wars Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader was a 2 minute demo? No wonder I never heard that much about it…

MeanPi2 - got any pics of the ‘whore’? And why will you get sued?

shbaz - How can you say CS is the best-ever when you haven’t used it yourself? O_o (You need to know C++ BTW. Get DevC++ off SourceForge)

bob_h - Get something legal (and a better song -_-) off mp3.com or something similar. You wouldn’t want to put in all that work and then get it baleeted, would you?

tol - What’s this Wintermute? Link?

AN][ARES - This for a game, or just for fun?

no, that wan’t me. I think that was X-Warrior. I am planning on building some sort of large cruiser though.

Me my big projct is ARC:The Fallen so far ive only done a ruff beat out of the plot and worked on a few elements of it.