What's your current Internet Browser?

I just want to know what browsers everyone here uses and why?

My current browser of choice is Firefox. I use it because it’s fast, has very cool bookmark features, tabs, good CSS compatibility, doesn’t do Active-X, and it’s up to date. (amongst other things of course)

Let me know if I left out any browsers in the poll and I’ll add them in.

p.s. there’s only one other poll similar to this and it’s out of date. :wink:

I just recently switched to Firefox and I have to say it is much better.


go firefox!!

:< Mozilla isn’t on there.


Mozilla Firefox?? ¿¿

Wouldn’t that be the same thing?

I use Firefox by the way. Finally switched after putting up with IE for to long.

No they are different. In my oppinion mozzila is more complete although slower and a bigger download.

You kids and your fancy ‘Interweb’ browsers.

Back in my day, we’d telnet to port 80, type our GET requests, then interpret the HTML using a pencil and paper.


Mozilla Firefox! 8)

Made my switch from Internet Explorer a few months ago, and it’s much better. Ive enjoyed the change.


Firefox is a “cleaned up” version of Mozilla.

Ok, i didn’t know that. Sorry.

firefox all the way

I use mozilla and firefox. I personally prefer to have mails, calendar, irc integrated in my browser :slight_smile: And Multizilla extension isn’t available for firefox :frowning:
I’ve installed firefox for the rest of my family and they are really happy with it ! :slight_smile:

opera!!! [8 beta]

because of:
mouse gestures!!!
easy way to access certain config options [enable/disable gif anim, plugins, refferer header, browser identification, cookies, java script…]
can minimize tabs!!! [in 8 beta it is an option you have to enable]
tab bar on the bottom!!!
can zoom entire pages!!! [not just text]
much easier to keep pages confined to [multiple tabs in] a single window
decent download manager, mail client, irc client and other features I don’t use

but, alas, it is $35

I use Safari or Camino(yet another mozilla variant) on my Mac. When I’m forced to use Windows, nothing beats Firefox.

I use Opera in both XP and Linux. It is so much faster than Firefox/IE on both boxes that it makes me want to cry.

I use Mozilla. I have Firefox but I don’t use it much. Mozilla seems to be more ‘complete’ to me.

Maxthon. Much more customizable. The only thing it lacks is a built-in download manager. I would really like a FireFox style DL manager…

I used firefox for the longest time but I find Maxthon to be more customizable and to have more features that I learned to need. (Groups, mouse gestures, site hotkeys, etc)

Maxthon is a good browser if you prefer IE over Firefox, think Opera is confusing, and don’t want to admit in public that you use IE.

My wife uses Maxthon, and I recommend it to all of my clueless friends. :slight_smile:

http://img113.exs.cx/img113/4295/firefox9mx.gif Firefox!http://img113.exs.cx/img113/4295/firefox9mx.gif

I also use Maxthon.