Whats your Dream machine.

(PowerMacG4) #1

So whats everyone Dream Bledner 3D machine?
I have two dreams machines but on so far out of my reach buts its a real dream machine. Thats a SGI Octane2 fully loaded 8gig RAM, dual 600Mhz, V12 graphic option and Dual 24 inch monitors.

Other is (I hate say) a Dual Xeon 2.* GHz, 4gig RAM, 480gigHD or loaded with SCSI 160 Drives, nVidia Quadro 4 card or 3Dlabs Wildcat, dual 24 inch wide flat screen monitors, DVD Burner. Running Linux. Maybe Windows for better 3D card support.

(mrmunkily) #2

I would like 3 machines.

A tibook - yknow, for like ‘just working’

An überserver running linux to use as a rendernode and general server type thigamabob

A cheap pc running win2k and cygwin-xfree86 to play with the linux box

(sten) #3

wow !

PowerMacG4 , hey your machines are kind of monsters !!

I can plugin 3 GB of RAM in my machine…but I have only 512 MB,
3 GB would cost to much…

(VelikM) #4

I’m holding out for a new G5 PowerBook (when they, if ever, come out).

(CubeFan973) #5

One that’s so smart, I can request something for it to program into the Open Source, and it’ll program it for me!

Okay, okay, how about a laptop with about 13 hard drives? Don’t know, it sounds good, but what about WEIGHT?!