What's your E-Mail client?

I don’t post mindless questions like this but seeing as the browser poll is up, and seeing that this hasn’t been posted before I thought I’d just check to see what you guys are using.

I myself use GMail/webmail (my real address) and Thunderbird (my spam accounts) under Linux (and while away from home) and MS Outlook 2003 using POP with GMail (leaving messages on server, as per settings in GMail). I’ve got the security settings up to the roof, no macros at all, and clamwin scanning all messages. This is really one of the only MS products that’s actaully quite nice. The mail view is great!

I don’t even use one. :o

I guess I should install Thunderbird sometime…

I use evolution on linux and thunderbird on windows, although i might go to thunderbird on linux even though i hear it is slow.

I use IMAP and my client of choice is Opera. I like the way mail is integrated with the browser and I love the find-as-you-type message searching.

I didn’t mind Thunderbird, but the memory footprint when I had it open with Firefox at the same time was a bit excessive.

Kmail isn’t bad either.

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I just made the switch from Outlook Express to Thunderbird. I figured if I was going to use Firefox, might as well use Thunderbird too. It took a little bit of effort to set things up, but wasn’t bad. I don’t understand how it’s “junk mail” filter works yet, but I guess I’ll figure it out sooner or later.

Well, apparently you do :smiley:

Anyway, I use Gmail’s web interface since it’s so fast(and I couldn’t get Evolution set up right with it). Even on dialup it blazes past yahoo or (ugh) hotmail.

GMail web-based. I must agree that it definitely is fast. Hotmail crawls with my dialup connection, so I ditched it as my primary email address.

Actually, if I remember correctly, I have 3 Yahoo and at least 4 Hotmail accounts that I use for junkmail. My GMail account is my primary account now. No junk mail in there. :slight_smile:

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Pegasus mail :smiley:


emacs :smiley:

i used to use thunderbird, thinking that I was all cool and open source.

then I found outlook. the program is just so more refined, it is easily the best microsoft non-game program.

and norton’s spam blocker works literally twice as well as the thunderbird one, and it is much easier to use.