What's your favorite 3D movie to date?

Mine is Rango.


Transformers 3. Sorry. Despite the lack of plot and typical Bayness, seeing Optimus going 300 on the Decepticons, and the justice uppercut of Bumblebee to blow Shockwave’s head off, all in 3D. Awesome.

Anything done by PIXAR.

Actually, after having watched Up recently, that’s my favorite TO DATE.

Over all my favorite is WALL•E :smiley:

I have a feeling once it’s done and all the issues have been resolved: Giants of the Earth.

I’d have to second that. AND it has music by Randy Newman. There’s no way to beat old Rand.
But I loved Monsters INC. And the Toy Story films too (also with unforgettable theme music by Newman)

Can’t decide whether it’s Pirates of the Caribbean or Super 8. Maybe both. Overall, they both looked great in 3D!

I have several favorite 3D movies. Toy Story is definitely one of my most favorites.

I also liked Final Fantasy: The Spirits within, and all the Pixar Movies.

I also like many of the Student videos from the “Dave School”.

Ha – thanks Dleri – but I am coming to the point that it will be more of a pre-viz – I will do my best with everything I have, and look into obtaining funding for or full scale production, with a team and everything.

PURE 3d with no people would have to be UP.

From the answers, do you mean “best CG movie”? or best 3D (as in put on a pair of glasses)?

Up, in terms of sheer excellence… but the nostalgia award from me goes to the first Toy Story. :smiley:

Either The Nightmare Before Christmas or Coraline. What, they are 3D!

CG wise How to Train Your Dragon, Incredibles are good in my book.

And you are most correct.

Can’t go wrong with Avatar.

Best 3D movie: Captain Eo. Really, one of the few movies written for 3D.

Best non-Blender CG Movie: Monsters, Inc.

I also like most of the Pixar made movies, I like how they portray the movie to be humorous and in the same time keep the theme serious.
Very creative!

i just watched rango yesterday!

Got a new one: Tangled. :o


ok. Apparently I misunderstood. OP meant “best CG movie”
my answer, based on pure artistry:
Final Fantasy Advent Children. Story was an obvious fan film, but the visuals were beyond amazing.