What's your favorite...

-No inappropriate content.
-Players are free to come up with new topics.
-Players are free to post pictures (funny ones especially).
-Think outside of the box.
-No double/triple/quadruple posting (unless necessary).
-Players are free to bump this thread.
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-Do not make fun of one’s opinion, but you can criticize in a good way.
-Have a sense of humor.

HOW TO: 1.Someone say a topic (Movies, games, shows, decorative object, etc.). 2.Different members say what there favorite thing is, regarding the topic. Its has to happen at least twelve times before someone else thinks of a new topic. 3.When there's room for a new topic, lay it out like this:

TOPIC:insert here

FAVORITE:insert here
4.Have fun. :wink:


FAVORITE: Nissan Skyline R34

Ummmm…Mercedes Benz cars (I haven’t really thought of this subject).

Definitely this car:


Mine favorite topic is Games:
Games: WoW, Starcraft, COD, GOW…

Play Fighting Gamesljigsaw puzzle game

awesome choice rofl copter but mine is definitely the lambohrgini reventon.

Hennessy Venom GT.

To bad they only made 10 this year, and that they cost 600,000 apiece.

Also, the GM Hywire concept car nicknamed Autonomy. To bad they aren’t making this one. The only prototype is in Disney World…

the first one looks like a remade lotus elise

Kinda. I like the Elise as well, so go figure… :slight_smile: