whats your favourite online game?

for me eve online and city of villains r my favs.dont like fantasy types e.g world of warcraft.bt thats my opinion.maybe huxley when its released.what about you?

The only game i ever play: Virtual Skipper 5
I used to LOVE Age of empires 2 but never played online…

at the current point in time, the only online game i play is plane shift, but not verry often

hmm i love age of empires,never played it online too.plane shift a flght simulater?

age of empires 2… one of the best stragety games ever
played online only a few times… kicked everyones butt, lol
love it

haha im sure id whip ur but in age of empires.tho none hav mentioned an mmo…? addicted? haha

Here are some nice free ones:

Urban terror

Stick figures go mad here in online deathmatch:

A great tactical combat game, I made maps for thease guys when they where just starting out as a quake 3 mod:

Speaking of quake 3… here is the sourcecode compiled with new maps and player models:

More insane deathmatch, and a real time map maker Sauerbraten:

A beautiful free mmo, not much in the way of game play but the worlds are beutiful and some good humour too:

Hey I play second life alot lately but I used to play runescape, space cowboy, and now I do Blender.

Eve Online is THE Space game of all time!


At the moment I play Spring, an Open Source RTS based on Total Annihilation.

And of course Quakeworld, it’s a timeless game. :slight_smile:

unreal tourney is still the top best, i used to play runescape because thats wat soem of my frends played, it was pretty cool, then i started playing wow, btw, dont play wow,… ever… dont even think about it, , ever

i play battlefield 2142 online

i love that game! its my all time favorite! i cant wait for battlefield bad company to come out!

counter-strike:source and Team Fortress 2 :slight_smile:

generally, have grown out of shooters but TF2 looks hot! :smiley:

Battlefield 2 and Battlefield 2142!
If I had to list an MMORPG, I’ll give Runescape and Maplestory. They were good playing for a while.

battelfeild 2, battlefeild 2142, guildwars (all of them), somtimes play eve, unreal tournament, dawn of war games…rambles on for seven hours oh and eve is good but the best space game of all time will be the one me and my mate are making! :slight_smile:

myth of soma, www.shensoma.com
poxnora is kinda cool, www.poxnora.com

my favorite online game is Counter-Strike , Operation Flash Point , Half Life 1&2.