What's your opinion of HP computers?

I started playing with Blender a couple weeks ago and now realize it’s time to buy a new, faster and more powerful computer. I’ve been to all the shops in my area that sell computers and as of right now am inclined to go with the new HP Pavilion Media Center TV PC (M8020N), 2.13GHz, 2GB DDR2 system memory, Dual 320GB HDs, 1066MHz frontside bus, 4MB cache, NVIDIA GeForce 7350 SE Graphics Card with 400MB video memory and 128MB dedicated, TV Tuner/Recorder, and more. Do you think this would be a good medium range computer to play on with Blender? Circuit City price after mail-in rebate is $1099.99. It seems to me that it has quite a lot of speed and power for that amount of money.

The RAM can be upgraded to a total of 8GB. Do you think that 2GB of RAM will keep me happy, or should I add a couple more gigs now?

This model can be seen at http://www.circuitcity.com/ccd/Search.do?c=1&context=&keyword=m8020n&searchSection=All



for blender you would be better stiking with xp,bad-no open gl sport on vista. ive got 2 gig ram and it works fine with the cind of modaling i do, my grafics card isant good enuf :frowning: , i dont no if that card is good. it has tuns of hd space, but that wont last long if you record alot of tv. genaraly for 3dcg you need lots of ram and a verry good grafics card.

well, I have bad experiance with them a few times…

my opinion of them is :


i just bought the HP7750n - AMD 5000+ X2 - same vid card - dual display…very cool. For a school project I was able to record SVideo from his other computer, and he has also recorded his Halo playing in full TV resolution on the other PC that can only put out SVideo. And I can watch TV whenever I want right there on the PC, very sweet. and fast. See the blender benchmarks page to see what you will be getting for your money. I added a hard drive and second video card, which the guy told me that HP’s were notorious for not being upgradeable (false). They are more consumer-oriented than say a barebones build-it yourself. I was going to replace my Mobo and HD and upgrade to XP, but I could buy a whole new pc cheaper than the parts.

I should also note that Atlanta is home to HP, so I am biased.

if you don’t build it yourself or pay 1500+ I don’t think its going to be all that great. I kind of hate prebuild comps in general. Seems like they skimp on the goods. But oh well. Just my opinion not based on facts or any kind. “My mind’s already made up, don’t try to confuse me with the facts” type of mentality when it comes to them.

i have trusted hp for almost 7 years now, i have a few computers from them and never had a problem

their cust. support isn’t to great on the conversational skills but they get the job done when needed, (recently sent my laptop to service and got it back in 7 bussines days… fairly quick turn around…not counting that dell takes 2 weeks+)

man my hp laptop took like 2 weeks to get back, you got it pretty quick, could have just been the difference in our problems

i had to get the whole keyboard replaced… and power supply was messing up (my fault) you just gota know how to talk to these guys correctly to get what you want faster

The only complaint I have with my HP is that it came with waaaaay too many “demo” programs installed which I had to un-install.

Here’s a piece of info you can use - You won’t be able to use a full 2 gig of ram with Blender on XP, so there is no point in buying more.

If you can find a version with Linux pre-installed, get it instead. Linux doesn’t have the memory limitation XP does.

Ditto on the demo programs, and Vista is even worse. That said, I’ve been using HP products for a long while, and they are real workhorses. As far as customer service goes, HP is asking some of their retail outlets to ship everything back to the factory for repairs instead of letting the locals do things in house. My take is they’ve been having some quality control issues with some retail outlet techies. I can usually afford to wait an extra week to get back a machine that’s fixed, instead of patched by someone who really doesn’t know what he’s doing.

[EDIT] You might want to find someplace else to shop than Circuit City, though. Those bastards just laid off 3400 veteran employees just so they could hire new people at lower wages.

HP makes some good machines but i dont put much trust myself in there retail lines. But I like there pro lines, I just recently bought an XW4400 workstation there a bit more pricey, but usually alot more stable and highergrade too.

–Edit plus they dont preinstall any of those spam programs on the pro lines.

I wouldn’t recommend going vista, however, I’m a total linux and mac guy, though my roots in computers started in windows, I early switched to linux, and ever-since witnessed my dad(who worships microsoft) have all sorts of problems where the only solution was to reinstall the operating system. You could build a great blending machine for around $1000. I recommend getting a dual-core cpu, the faster the better, since blender only uses both cores for rendering, and they will really speed up rendering. Also a nice video card will help, you don’t want a cheapo one, but a mid-range one will work great. I’d get nvidia because they have better linux drivers. And blender kicks ass on linux! And I haven’t upgraded my linux box in 4 years, and it still does fairly high end 3d stuff well.

I recently got a macbook, and even with it’s lack of a video card, I can get it up to about 5,000 polys before I start getting slow downs. However, I really want to get into digital sculpting in zbrush and what not, and I’m considering getting a 4-core mac pro with a few gigs of ram and dual video cards once I have the cash.

I’d say… wait a bit longer before you buy something new. Working with a piece of software for a few weeks doesn’t nessecarily mean you will keep using it. Don’t go buy a new computer till the old one really can’t do what you “need” anymore. People tend to spend “money on gear” in stead of “time on skill”.

I’m very happy with HP, started 5 years ago with a Vectra, then I got a big laptop and workign on a xw4400 workstation. Have to say the extra software included by HP for restoring your systeem are supperb. Have added a second HD and setup RAID in the Bios, normaly you then have to do all sort of thricks with drivers when installing Windows but the restore CD from HP did all this for me ! Maybe you can build yourselve a faster of cheaper system but do you also have the time for it ?

Well. My experience with HP laptops is the worst I ever had.

I bought a laptop model dv8377. When I received it the video card where broken :(.
That was not a big problem, I returned the computer and got a new one within two weeks.

Now comes the bad really bad part. The other computer I received worked without problems in nearly two months. Then the screen got wacky. The icons was burnt in and showed through other windows.
So I called HP, the computer was sent for repair and I haven’t seen it since. That was 2,5 month ago :mad:.

Yes, I have called and asked what’s causing the delay. First time I called was after one month and second time after two months, resulting with the same reply. The answer I get is: We have been waiting for a cable.
A cable for a laptop screen… God, it has to be a really special cable.

Maybe it’s just me having really bad luck. But when trying to get a good laptop, I thought that HP was a safe bet.:confused: