What's your pain?

In a FPS, or any game for that matter, what is your pain? What is missing from the games you play? When you wake up and think about your ideal game, what is it that would tick the box that other games are incorporating? Would love to get inside the gamers heads and find out as I’m trying to develop an PFS game and would be great if i could get it in. So what Irks you when it comes to the games you play?

For me, The ideal game is the moddable game.
Because basically you can just add what you think it’s missing, and remove everything that bothers you, plus modding forms big productive communities.
If you want your game to have crouds for long time, just expose it’s files, and you’ll find it getting even better versions than what you’ve created at the first time.

basically I want a Small “fallout style” game without vats,

that is multiplayer with the “hardcore” limb damage, and game dynamics.

we will say , 32 players, Some team games, but most focus = last man standing :smiley:

Like I shoot you in the leg, I can cripple it, (or have it fly off!)

if you’re wearing a helmet the helmet takes damage, and breaks etc.

with the whole level randomly generated…

this way everyone starts at “level 0” and picks perks after every kill,
but everyone is scavenging weapons, armor and accessories in game, (without a menu)


Based off my current lil project, an adaptive and seemingly dynamic dialogue system. I don’t mean some complex text parsing, chatbot nonsense, but rather, an elegant conveyance of scripted text/speak that flows well with character movement and activity.

I’m tired of relatively lifeless NPC’s, no matter the genre…