What's your render times?

After working out that it’d take me SIXTEEN HOURS, NOT TWO MONTHS to render 10 minutes of animation in that mac thread, it got me wondering how other people here fare when it comes to rendering.

How long does a scene/frame take you to render and what specs does your computer have?

(example-scene’s complexity is up to you)

Blender Render Benchmark http://www.eofw.org/bench/

I don’t remember exactly, but if I were to render Ratatouille on this laptop in would take almost 300 years.

This is a meaningless question without context. Look at Papasmurf’s link for benchmarks.

More than 30 lamps, lost count on 1000000 VE, 300 Mb of texture. setup render, OSA 16, Shado, SSS, Pano , Envma , Ray, Radio ALL ON, size 1920 By 1080(HD). Yafry , Method; Full. Quality; Bast= I press the render and 31 Hours of doom NON stop had started ( as i remember) all this for 1 Frame

computer ; Intel P4, 256 RAM( I needed to use virtual RAM) 333MHz, 60GB HDD… not sure all of the Info but this happen a long time ago.
and Y…E…S, the PC overheated and smoke start to come-out! Not joking.

Why you may ask, I think I wanted to see what blender can do and how far the Intel P4 can keep up… this is far i can remember

after 2 weeks from that day I had a heart attack of over working and want to the hospital 3:00AM the morning! that I will never forget!

Happy blending!!! :evilgrin:

mine renders quite quickly, because I tend to use as many render tricks as I can find to cut down on time, things like shadow mapped spots instead of area lights etc. I dont create photorealistic scenes though, but cartoonish renders so I guess I can get away with certain things.
I also tend to render out over night the things I create during the day, to avoid a 3 week render at the end- other than that I guess this is a hard topic without any benchmarks or standards to use, I guess a more practicle question would be what do you do to create the most efficient renders

some of my indigo renders go on for 12-16 hours

My old PC takes about 20 seconds for the default Blender scene. My new laptop is about half of that. So glad I got the 3 gigabytes of RAM. Handles Vista and Blender very well, and nothing has worked slowly so far.

I’ve never heard of that happening! How did it work after that?

My stuff is always simple, and I keep render times very short so I can focus on modelling, animating and texturing(I know very little about lighting, except it’s good for photrealism and makes raytracing take forever). Often a scene will be from a few seconds to half a minute if I am doing an animation(I keep everything simple until I finish and make a final render, which I never do).

My pc got 4minutes 11 seconds, dual core Athlon BE-2350, and a lot of of other Athlons got quite a bit faster. I know the BE-2350(about 2000MHz) is the bottom of the line as far as dual cores go, but this other one got 8 times as fast! It’s 2990MHz, not 16000MHz! Am I doing something wrong? This guy has 64bit vista, but I dual boot ubuntu 64bits and in any of my tests it has proven nearly identical in speed to vista…
I only have 2Gigs of RAM, but it shouldn’t have needed more for this test! Whats wrong?

Other guys specs:
AMD Athlon™64 FX-70
2600MHz 2990MHz 6 680a
64Bit 2.42 SSE3

My specs:

AMD Athlon™BE-2350

I forgot to set it to 2 threads
slaps self
2:14.42 is with 2 threads
2:09.54 is with 8

I watched it in the task manager and it was using only 50% of the cpu spead and i was like GAAA, stupid vista! But then I remembered the thread wasn’t set to the racecar…

The only reason I think 8 went a little faster was because in 2 threads at the last section only one of the threads was going(only 1 thread can work on a section at a time) it had some time when one of the threads was idle, where the 8 thread broke it into smaller pieces. It uses a lot more memory to have more threads going. Going to test in ubuntu later…

I render out photo real style furniture images - lots of ray tracing and big textures- average 3-6 min per frame. fast enough to so short animations overnight.

@ padfoot7726,
I am a Hardcore Computer Gig http://kendhin.890m.com/emoticon/ngakak.gif !! the smoke come form the power-supply and if am not wrong, HDD.

How did it work after that?
After that day, it start to have Boot problems and most of the time locks up.

again, It was a Blender and Intel P4 test.

Just starting out with animation at college but have yet to get much further than the basics. The PC I have at the moment is about 3 years old and of limited spec - am I going to really struggle once I get past the most basic 10 sec animations?

Egan’s point above about Ratatouille has really got me thinking about something which, frankly, I hadn’t given much thought to until now…

Exactly. You can have the same scene but different render times if you just move a camera little bit.

All my renders are under a minute?even if sub surf is applied at X4 or if its a big image.Dont ask me why it just does good pc haha

But do you have AO, SSS, radiosity, a complex node setup, reflections, or transparency on?

I’ve never had anything take well over 5 hours to render since I got my new Quad Core, considering it’s up to 5 1/2 times faster than the old Pentium D I had before.

Electronically modded dinosaur.

Dell L400c (the one I started learning 3D apps on)
Dell,IBM,Intel CAP810 (They said it couldn’t be over-clocked. Ha!)
Celeron Coppermine 66/100 128k 700mhz( stuffing that in a ppga socket wasn’t easy)
512 ECC PC100 SDRAM 2x256(says it doesn’t support ECC but yet it works)
Intel 810 DC 100 IG w/32meg ram allocation.(surprising performance with a Microsoft driver. Runs DX9c by a thin margin though.):o

I have to keep scenes trim ( 200,000 polys 100,000 particles,). I rarely wait an hour on a render of a still and I don’t alot of animations. I mainly just model and pc paint. I guess my average render goes 20 min. I think it’s the simulations that mainly demand more powerfull resources.